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  1. hyyge

  2. i can offer that howe R...

  3. I don't know give me sometime to think about it. Its tough to give up something I just pulled when its an Yzerman

  4. ok...but no auto...what tradevalue u look for that...?

  5. hmmm...I dunno... the yzerman is 1/2

  6. hey! i think i can do that Howe letter R for that yzerman/stastny...

  7. I do like the Howe letter patch letter R

  8. Hey don't know if I want to part with the yzerman card. It would have to be for a Red Wing in return. What are you willing to trade?

  9. Hockey Card Collectors

    interested that yzerman....if that is FT please cmb....dont have many traders right now but i can trade some of my wings for that.... http://s206.photobucket.com/albums/bb97/Hyyge/For%20trade/ thanks Jani
  10. Hockey Card Collectors

    Thanks!Those are some of my fav....have lot more....;)i'm collecting hockey cards about 20 years.....trade and buy....ebay,hockey collector forums and buy packs stores...that Roy au/gu is my best pull...pack was 1.99$ and Roy bv500$ !! here Finland dont have many card stores so internet is my tool...
  11. Hockey Card Collectors

    i collect probie,kocur,yzerman,howe,fats,lindsay,kelly,konstantinov,mccarty+wings autos and nice patches... here is some of my fav: non wings:
  12. Hockey Card Collectors

    here is some of my wings cards: http://s206.photobucket.com/albums/bb97/Hyyge/For%20trade/PC%20NFT/