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  1. Kid needs to spend a little more in time in English class learning punctuation before, or if, he graduates.
  2. Joe Buck announcing while not knowing any of the Kings players is still an improvement because John Kelly is absolutely terrible. T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E. The only reason he has that job is because of who his dad was. But then I guess the same can be said of Joe.
  3. What's the first line in that Soul Asylum song? "They say misery, loves company".
  4. Jackman sure went to great lengths to sell it by smashing his own face into the glass near the ledge. That's dedication! I don't think it was a dive, and was a marginal boarding penalty. Jackman just got twisted up in the hit (possibly by Cook's stick into the elbow corkscrewing him around) and unfortunately went face-first into the glass.
  5. Looked like a spear to me. If it wasn't, Neil went a long way to try to save face by leaving the ice. And I don't see him doing that.
  6. If it weren't for luck, Phil Hellmuth would win every Texas Hold'em tournament he ever entered (according to him). If it weren't for the Refs, the Wings would win the Stanley Cup every year with a 96-0 record.
  7. Of course that's not a racist comment, don't be silly. Since "box" is slang for a woman's bajingo, it's a sexist comment. You sexist person who doesn't respect women! Go back to sensitivity Europe.
  8. Pronger "Carelessly and recklessly brought his foot down". What a bunch of BS. Sounds like a PC way for the league office to justify a shorter suspension than warranted.
  9. I'd like to know if there was a spike in TV sales in Edmonton the day after the Ducks won due to various inanimate objects (remote controls, hockey pucks, etc...) being thrown at Lauren Pronger when she walked into the picture while they were interviewing Chris. I wonder where she's going to let him play next year?