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  1. Fifteen tacos this month.

  2. Just had a coffee tasting at home. Nothing...

  3. Now that my gps works, I guess foursquare isn't that annoying.

  4. Found my watch I lost in the move! Wife didn't throw it away!

  5. Salsa is like a great charity. The veggies get together for the common good of my taste buds. They do such amazing work.

  6. I've had the same kind of socks for over ten years... just ordered two more packs, yeah!

  7. Going back to England now.

  8. I just snapped a pic at Monakopolis. #SCVNGR (Kitchen Monak is almost ready for company!)

  9. I just snapped a pic at Monakopolis. #SCVNGR (Paw.)

  10. Pretty sure I just watched someone sell a puppy out of the back of their truck.

  11. Welcome home netflix!

  12. Watching @luxdana look at this instead of study.

  13. Still hiring painters... Also there's something manly about throwing your shoe at a giant bug.

  14. Now hiring painters for Monakopolis.