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  1. No1TopGun

  2. I'm looking for the best Red Wings post game party in Detroit?

    Nice thread dude I was actually just trying to find the same sort of info, I'll be at games 1, 2 for the playoffs and it will be my first time in the US so I plan on partying.
  3. Hockey Jerseys

    My WC logos are glued on which is why i thought it was a fake to begin with. Turns out my Yzerman jersey probably is a knock off, apparently the stamp is common on knock offs and the tick doesn't look quite right either. Still works for me though.
  4. Hockey Jerseys

    This is my WC jersey i bought off ebay. I'm assuming its a replica in which someones thrown on a Zetterberg number and nameplate or it could be a complete fake i really don't know. I'm not too concerned either way, however, this thread has got me paranoid about my authentic Yzerman jersey which i bought used years ago on ebay from a dude in Canada (I live in Australia really hard to get decent jerseys from anywhere else). I'd appreciate it if any jersey aficionado's could check my pics out: WC http://img413.images...to022medium.jpg http://img507.images...to023medium.jpg Yzerman http://img221.images...to026medium.jpg http://img401.images...to027medium.jpg http://img262.images...to028medium.jpg http://img17.imagesh...to029medium.jpg (First time i'v posted links let me know if they don't work)