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  1. I've been to the Joe countless times, but this is my first season as a legal Wingnut. I am looking for suggestions for bars to go to before and after the game tomorrow against the Avs, preferably close to the Joe and a place that Wings fans hang out at. Thanks! :beerbuddy:
  2. They needed to lower the moustache ratio on the team, I suppose.
  3. obvious troll is obvious.
  4. Go wings!!!
  5. Pavs! What a play
  6. Flip! Wow...what a soft goal! LOL
  7. 5 on 3, come on guys!
  8. Games not over yet.^ It hasn't been pretty at times, but the score is even
  9. PP! We really need one here
  10. Kindl has been looking pretty good
  11. Good pk.
  12. Elbow... Wow!
  13. Damnit!
  14. Bert!!! Woooo!!!!
  15. Defense?