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  1. DatZetterfanfromSC


  2. Anyone got an old CD player sitting around they don't use anymore that we can get for the golf cart? I bought one last year and it's s*** the bed somehow. I don't mind paying a little for it if you want, i just don't see my paying $60+ for one thats going on a Golf Cart. Thanks!

  3. Just walked into my room and put one of my shotguns away, looked in my ammo storage and realized i had over 3000 rounds of .22LR down there....I felt like i hit the damn lottery lol

  4. I swear to god if one more thing goes wrong this week i'm going to lose my mind. F.M.L.

  5. I'm gonna buy all y'all heffa's that like to take pics with straws in your mouth drinking some of those penis straws, just for amusement lol. I'd absolutely DIE of laughter lolololol

  6. They're going to keep mom over night to run a few test like EEG and EKG. Thanks for all the prayers.

  7. If you're NOT a member of EMS, Rescue, Police or Fire department, and you went to take pictures of the plane crash you're a freakin' moron. You could cause more more trouble than what being nosey is worth. Have some respect for the deceased and their families. If you don't live in the neighborhood, why even try to get in? Geez people!

  8. Y'all can quit ridin' them coat tails now coots! Lotsa' disappointed "SEC" fans tonight!

  9. I think sammy throws oranges better than footballs LOL

  10. Steve Yzerman in a Wings jersey! All my all time favorite's back on the ice for one more game...wow

  11. Florence needs to bring back another hockey team, the weekends are so much less fun and exciting without it. Still got all my old Pee Dee Pride jerseys and clothing. P.S. I Still hate the SC Stinkrays!

  12. How do you fight for freedom of speach and other freedoms that benifit you and yours then get mad when someone uses their right to free speach....

  13. Insidious Chapter 2 with the wife. I love horror movies!

  14. Bobby the red nose redneck, had a very sexy wife, and when the other guys saw her, they all got a rise in their levi's....yaaaayyyyy :)