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  1. No.9

  2. 12/17 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Blackhawks 4

    Man, their fans are nazis in Chicago. It's okay to lose guys you're playing a dynasty, no one will blame you. Instead of chanting "Detroit sucks," you should be getting your team going, their getting outplayed! You can keep being envious till you're blue in the face, Detroit's just a better team. Maybe in another 49 years you can win the cup again, but for now the Hawks will bow to the Wings.
  3. 12/15 GDT: Blues 2 at Red Wings 5

    Fist off hats off to Nick! As I always say Nicklas for Norris. Great game though. I have to give it to Backes looked great for us tonight. haha, Dirty bastard, that hit was completely uncalled for. Also what a beautiful attempt by Pavel between the legs, I was on my feet for that. I don't care what Mickey says, that was a legitimate opportunity for that shot. As far as I'm concerned that man can try whatever he like on the ice, playing like he does every game. You know he's practiced that for hours on end.
  4. 12/13 GDT: Kings, Lots (5) at Red Wings, None (0)

    Hard fought game, Quick was on fire though. 51 shots, good performance on his part, although most of the shots were low and glove. Just can't believe season high shots were on a shutout.
  5. Behind the Scenes Look to Howard's New Mask Design

    Pretty fitting for Detroit, I think. I would've assumed he had already bought a '67, if it is his dream car.
  6. 10/8 GDT: Ducks 0 at Red Wings 4

    1h 15m and counting, SO STOKED. Wings 3-1, Lets see it boys!!!
  7. Hit on Franzen worthy of suspension

    I say take Orpik out, because I'm a die hard Red Wings fan, and the mule has always been one of my favorites. That being said I didn't get a good look at the hit, and as far as I've searched have not found a replay. I can say, though, that I wished that "hip injury" Cindy sustained, which I'm sure was a minor bruise, would have took him out for the season.
  8. Prospects Camp: Detroit 6, Dallas 1

    I was only miles away from Traverse today, wish i could've got there.
  9. Vancouver Writer Rates the Wings

    "which frees up Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk to play together, these two virtually guaranteeing them a playoff spot before they drop the puck." I suspect Gallagher has to grasp for straws, basically stating that the rest of the league is looking to hockeytown as a base for standards. Taking cheap shots like the "depends" is just attempt at humor to hide the thought of compensation to match up. Look out Sedin brothers.
  10. Preseason Games?

    Nice, I'm hoping I'll get to see starting line in full force. I'm going to pre-season on the 26th, on Rangers. It's only $16 couldn't pass it up.
  11. Pavel Datsyuk

    If gives me chills to watch that man embarrass goalies & players alike. Him and Zetty together are one of my favorite starting line pairs ever.
  12. Khabibulin arrested for DUI

    Tough break Khabi, maybe you should save the vodka for the house, and you reflexes for driving the Ferrari. P.S. I'd probably be gettin hammered if I were in his situation.
  13. Can't wait till the season begins.

  14. PlayStation Network IDs

    Decessus810 Play NHL 10 about everyday, always looking for new competitors.