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  1. DatsyukPwnz13

    Babs confident Datsyuk will stay

  2. DatsyukPwnz13

    Potential First Round for Wings

    Found this flow chart on reddit.
  3. DatsyukPwnz13

    Is this the end?

    I'm not saying put a fork in them, we will make it into the playoffs. All I'm saying is that I no longer have confidence that we will win every night we are on the ice. I have always firmly believed that the Wings will be competitive and most likely win every game. I know that is foolish, but they have always played at such a high level that it isn't so far-fetched to believe that. But now whenever I watch a game, I don't know what to expect. PROVE ME WRONG RED WINGS!!!!
  4. DatsyukPwnz13

    Eddie Bo Johan

    http://www.mlive.com...an_franzen.html Look out for little Eddie Bo in 20 years!
  5. DatsyukPwnz13

    Datsyuk Back to Practice

  6. DatsyukPwnz13

    Eric Staal and Lidstrom: ASG Captains

    I hope they go old-school, pond hockey-esque for the selections and pick sticks for teams
  7. DatsyukPwnz13

    11/17 GDT: Blues 3 at Red Wings 7

    Yea November birthdays! I turned 21 on sunday, bought my first case on monday!
  8. DatsyukPwnz13

    11/6 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Canucks 6

    I'll be at Western's game too!!! I chose to skip out on going to Central, pretty happy I did too...
  9. DatsyukPwnz13

    3 vs 3

    Me and my roommate were sitting outside before class today and got to talking about the Red Wings, like we always do. We started talking about who could beat the Wings in a 3 vs 3 game. The Wings team obviously being Zetterberg, Datsyuk, and Lidstrom. We went through most of the league and could not think of another team that could stand up against us. The Pens would be Malkin, Crosby, then either Letang or Orpik. That team wouldn't stand a chance against the Wings. I think only the Blackhawks would really put up a fight with Toews, Hossa, and Keith. Thoughts?