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  1. ps

    Updated? Or the entire set would be nice.
  2. NHLNumbers has Miele and Porter as UFAs and Jensen McCollum for RFAs plus your list
  3. Hey that would be awesome Wings. I did find the one rrasco makes too so dont worry if you dont have time.
  4. First off I want to say you guys are awesome! I come in here every year and raid the PS war threads for wallpapers and profile pictures. I am looking for a cover photo with a counter that I can change after every playoff win (with MS Paint...) or if you could make 16 different versions of it that would be even better. Something like this But I would like it to have a nicer background. Maybe something like this but I am open to what ever. My main problem with the old one is how hard it is for me to change the numbers with ms paint. Thanks in advance for who ever takes the time to do this for me. lets go Red Wings!
  5. That is amazing! Thank you!
  6. ps

    Hey Kook that's awesome! Mind if I use it for my Facebook?
  7. Mostly just playoff superstitions for me. I have two beanie baby octopi that sit or hang (just moved so they changed location) and they must be placed with legs evenly spaced apart and no one can touch them on game day. Last year they were setting and easily bumped by my friends who didnt know any better (sorry guys thats why the sharks got us) this year they are hanging on the wall above the projector screen I watch all the games on. I always have my Z jersey on, but the undershirt changes depending on a win. Games 4 and 5 it has been a shirt with a huge question mark on it (as in WHAT are you guys doing out there) before that it was a white Lids shirt. After the game my Jersey gets hung in my room 40 side out if he went off, Winged Wheel side out if the team played amazing and crumpled in the closet if it was one of those nights.
  8. I find it funny that the Yote fans show up tonight, and they are still cheering. Were was that over the past years?
  9. Crosby didnt look like he wanted to block that one Or something close to that
  10. They just said Ozzy is only playing 2 anyone know who is coming for the 3ed?