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  1. Jesus, if this happens it will be more than embarrassing.
  2. 1 day older and he would be eligable for 2012 draft.
  3. If Holland re-signs Cleary it will officially mean he has lost his mind.
  4. Not sure if serious.
  5. I would forgive Holland for many things if he got us Burmistrov.
  6. I won't even start thinking about the price anyone would have to pay for Vanek. 1st + 2 elite prospects probably.
  7. I've figured who it is:
  8. The ultimate Ken Holland quote: "I like our chances"
  9. Our season is lost now. Oh wait.
  10. They did the same with Tatar and it wasn't much of fast tracking.
  11. This is beyond sad.
  12. I understand defending Holland but what exactly did he do lately to be considered "the best in the business bar none"?
  13. How can CBJ decline such an amazing offer?