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  1. would be verrrrry interesting. I think lords would be a big mule fan too. Michael Jai White for play by play Fred Williamson for Analyst
  2. butters92

    Whats your favorite "BAD" contract right now?

    Wade redden makes 6.5 Million playing in the AHL.
  3. butters92

    Is the Islanders GM the dumbest GM in NHL history

    what about Brian Burke? Colby Armstrong - 3 million a year for 12 points Mike Komisarek - 4.5/year and plays 8 mins a night, leafs fans bemoan him constantly Brett Lebda - 1.5/year and a healthy scratch Giguere - 6 million
  4. butters92

    Bell Ringing

    Yea Homer was at meijer on middlebelt road. Me and a buddy went, got in line around 5, and he was there by 550. Got two things signed. But when the security guard saw my other 2 things, he said "One thing only", and hurried me out. But it was free, and we were in and out by 620, so overall not too bad.
  5. butters92

    stupid stuff other teams announce crews say.

    NBC is awful. The entire crew makes me want to gouge my eyes out. Emrick constantly says "waffleboarded away". Ed olcyzk loves to say "active stick" and always talks about Duncan keith, and Pierre McGuire is just wierd. They also constantly talk about crosby, even when the penguins arent even playing. The penguins announcer is pretty bad as well " He smoked him like a bad cigar" comes to mind.
  6. butters92

    Our REALLY old boys

    brad may works for cbc radio