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  1. Scary times with JMac going down there for a second

  2. I don't get it. The Islanders starts winning and its like "we're winning now, so lets f it up by trading away some of our guys"

  3. Awesome end to the second period! #letsgoredwings

  4. lol @ bill patrick's comment to Mike Milbury

  5. Forgot to adjust my fantasy roster tonite, ended up with Malkin and Havlat on the bench. Doh!

  6. How much does it suck that the Isles were able to beat the Ducks and the Caps were not?

  7. Was tempted to stay up and watch the #sharks vs# flyers game on nhl network

  8. I miss Mickey. Larry is boring

  9. Red Wings' Darren Helm turns to eyeliner, wants to grow long hair http://t.co/pgA8F3l

  10. I want kids for the sole purpose of dressing them up as jawas for halloween - Lil jawa http://t.co/sxFRNRj via @youtube

  11. I should have gone with my gut feeling and picked Tim Thomas for ALL of my fantasy teams