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  1. Title speaks for itself
  2. Could we dumb him on the Panthers because they need help reaching the Salary floor and he would help get them their.
  3. Wings Give Hudler 1st round draft pick 4th round Draft pick Flyers give 8th overall pick that they got from Columbus What do u think??
  4. January 2nd is a monday. Dumb idea but i rather have it on a Monday then head to head with the NFL.
  5. Like to South Beach
  6. welcome back nick
  7. I would replace Michael Vick with Calvin Johnson
  8. 97.1 the Ticket had an interesting topic today and i was wondering what your opinion is on this subject. What 3 players do you think are worth the price of admission by themselves, in any sport and your pucks can be retired players? Mine Are: 1)Datsyuk 2)Verlander 3) Suh
  9. i dont care if they get a new arena as long as the new arena is along the river.
  10. I hope its Florida. What do you think their alternate name should be???
  11. Title says it all. I believe this is one of the many reason the Wings are so good. Our players workout all the time even at other teams workouts even if the team is in another leagues. Also its pretty sad that Draper showed up to a Lions work out and Suh didnt.
  12. Look at games 2 numbers. their pretty terrible
  13. Do one for rafalski. It was good, i would give it 2 thumbs up check out my vids if. youtube username is MrWings787
  14. Seeing how classy Rafalski is/was made me realize how few players still show that kind of class. What are your top classiest players of all time or current players?
  15. After we resign Lidstrom we should follow these steps Step 1: Get rid of Hudler Step 2: Call up Mursak Step 3: Convince Draper, Ozzy and Modano to retire Step 4: Resign Miller and Eaves Step 5: Get Rid of Big E Step 6: Sign a number 5 and 6 d-man that will not lose us games, who will play responsible with the puck and who can contribute a little to offense Step 7: Sign a solid back-up, or resign Macdonald you guys can finish the list