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  1. Big game on the line here,Expecting to see lids and dats shine this game. Go Wings Go!
  2. :rotflmao:
  3. Wow What a game , What a finish...
  4. True that,it didn't look like the wings out there tonight,i was getting bored till overtime.
  5. Lol reminds me of Predator.
  6. That's what its like every time your opponent is the wings,Do not expect to win.Top of the west in least amount of games is always good :beerbuddy: Agreed.But it would be awesome to see some of that 3rd period explosion like last game,but earlier this time.I found last game a little boring until Dats lost his helmet and rocked that dude behind the net,then the intensity rose and it was a gg from there on.
  7. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  8. Yes what a finish,i feel like i just consumed a bottle of viagra.
  9. Good game,too bad Howard didn't get the shutout there.Lol@ franzens penalty,it looked as though the other guy pulled a crosby as he flung his body to the ice while franzen held his jersey.
  10. Good^^ i cant wait to see Howard stand on his head.Dats and lids extend their streaks.
  11. I wish i could watch this,god i hate afternoon shift during hockey season.I need a way to get games on my cell phone even if it's just audio so i can hear them, if anyone knows a good site for that?I'm guessing Jimmy is gonna have a flawless game at the Joe im thinking 4-0 wings,Dats,Kronwall,Rafalski, and Franzen with the goals,Lids with an assist or two to keep the point streak alive with Dats.Gonna have to wait till i get off work to watch the highlights grrr.
  12. Awsome,some didn't load but the number one was insane.
  13. Sweet Dats and Lids keeping the point streak,i missed the game because of afternoon shift at work but was checking the scores every few mins.Too bad Howard has to restart his streak.