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  1. Nashville to trade Suter's rights?

    Apparantly Suter does not want to go to philly. If true, perfect. Philly is one team I was sure would trade for his rights.
  2. Throw the bank at RFA Shea Weber?

    TBH, I realize it's an emotional game but after what weber did to z, is weber really on kenny's wishlist? I'm of the mind that if a player of that magnitude becomes available, you get the brinks truck ready. But still, it would be awkward seeing our captain(Z) and weber in the starting lineup together. Now if a few years had passed maybe you let bygones be bygones but for it to happen in the next few months or next year when he's a ufa, it just seems like an uncomfortable situation. I can't imagine the guys in the locker room would be too pleased either. Not that it's anywhere near the same outcome nor are they the same calibur of player, but can you imagine "the turtle" in a wings uni?
  3. Vote for the NHL 13 cover player

    How are some of you viewing the results?
  4. Vote for the NHL 13 cover player

    Kane scored the stanley cup winning goal as the nhl 10 cover athlete. The next year, Toews scored a career high 76 points in 80 games as the nhl 11 cover athlete. And of course, Stamkos hit 60 goals as last year's cover athlete. Seems more like good luck than a curse.
  5. Suter most likely out of Nashville

    I keep hearing about ryan's uncle, gary suter and how he's got some connections to detroit and would recommend detroit as a possible destination for ryan. However, looking at his career, he hasn't ever played for the wings. So I was just wondering if anyone could shed some light on the matter. Sorry I don't have any sources, just stuff I've read online over the past several months.
  6. What the F has gotten into these wings?

    OP, you said ericcson wanted a piece of eager. Was there a particular time when this happened or was it an ongoing thing. To be honest, I didn't think E had it in him to go after eager.
  7. Datsyuk in The Hockey News

    Any idea when it comes out?
  8. Parise re-signed

    1 year at 6 mil according to Bob Mckenzie
  9. Short article about fitness

    The article itself is nothing new but it's the shape that Lidstrom is in, in paritcular that shocked me. I've always knew he's in shape in terms of endurance and stamina. But physically not so much. I think he gives Chelios a run for his money.
  10. Top 25 centers in the league

    Though I agree with everyone on Z being shafted here, but like hooon said, this is too subjective a topic for any real consistancy. Canucks fans would have a field day with this list. H. Sedin at number 4 would be insanity considering his list couple of seasons and Keslers 41 goal campaign along with the Selke would have people outraged at his number 10 spot. They'd have H. Sedin and Kesler in the top 5. My point being, fanbases of other teams would all try and justify why the players on their team should be higher on the list than others. Just as we would argue Z and D for top 5. A reason that Z maybe lower than he deserves to be could be because he played wing a lot last year and has in the past as well. Perhaps a full year at center and he may remind the hockey world of his elite two-way game.
  11. Top 25 centers in the league

    Glad to see our boys getting some love, but boy are there some notable names missing. Claude Giroux & Patrick Sharp should be there ahead of Dave Bolland, though I do admire his effectiveness as a two-way center. I'd argue that Ryan Getzlaf could finish in the top 5 just because of his elite skill level and ability to use his big frame better than most. Seeing good ol' Vinny anywhere near the top ten is a joke especially ahead of the likes of Backstrom, Zetterberg, or Brad Richards. I'm a bit shocked to see Jonathon Toews at #3 but he does possess the total package and is arguably one of the most complete players in the game alongside Z & D. Thoughts?
  12. Forward lines next season?

    Not sure about chicago's cap situation but does anybody else think patrick sharp would look amazing on datsyuk's/zetterberg's wing. I believe he is a natural winger but can play both wing and center depending on the teams needs. With that option we could have him center the second line between mule and bert/bear if he doesn't pan out with the big boys. Though, if huds can put up almost a point per game clip with dats during that stretch, I'd imagine sharp would do alright.
  13. July 1st UFA Wish List

    Christian Ehrhoff likely headed to free agency according to Bob Mckenzie(sp) My link Hmm, Gillis and co. are trying to shop his negotiating rights, too. My link
  14. RFA/UFA Signings

    @RealKyper @Real_ESPNLeBrun Sorry, I forgot to add the actual link. Seeing as it's already being discussed in another forum, i'll leave it be.