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  1. Just watched the game recording since it started at 5am local time for me. Pretty ******* awesome game and series, gotta give the Ducks credit as well. Now it's time to blow the Hawks out.
  2. GDT

    Big players, big plays. Jimmy, Dats and the Captain to thank for this one. To be honest, despite being 7th seed in the west I have a pretty good feeling for the playoffs. We're rolling now.
  3. Generally speaking, I'm all for this. A move east would be AWESOME for me personally because European fans are kinda screwed over by the game times in the west (a game at 8pm central time starts at 3am for me). That said, I really really hate the idea of having unequal conferences. I just don't see how the playoff cut can be done so that teams have the same chance of making the playoffs.
  4. GDT

    I can't stop laughing. Did not see that coming when the Kings tied it. Guess that teaches me to not lose trust in our guys.
  5. GDT

    Hattie for the captain! Hurrah!
  6. GDT

    What a baffling call, but I'll take it.
  7. GDT

    Very impressed by Ericsson there. Shades of Lids in that breakout pass.
  8. GDT

    That goal was freaking beautiful, all the way from our end. Old school Wings style.
  9. GDT

    What the f*** was that penalty for? Is it Z's responsibility to make sure no Dallas player comes in contact with him and flops over?
  10. GDT

    They seem to be calling hooking and interference even tighter this season. Starting to get to the point where having body position on anyone is instantly a penalty... hockey is a contact sport, hooking I don't want to defend but some of these interference calls are just BS.
  11. GDT

    Oh jesus the finnish
  12. GDT

    I love that we've found our scoring touch but really... remember when hockey was played 5v5? I have some vague memories of such a time. Maybe let the boys play once in a while.
  13. GDT

    Oh jeez Harding what was that Thank you!
  14. gdt