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  2. detroit_hockey99

    I'm Boycotting the Winter Classic...

    A Maple Leafs vs. Canadians in the WC or Heritage Classic would be a sweet game.
  3. detroit_hockey99

    swallow the whistle night

    Seems like Howard has been playing with no jump in his step and just flat out slow, if you watch him he just is so slow compared to last year. Almost as if he knows he has the guaranteed starting spot, maybe a little bit cocky. Also some bad D last night wasn't helping much
  4. detroit_hockey99

    Player Videos - "Tributes" "Highlights"

    Lidstrom: Make sure to subscribe for future wing videos
  5. detroit_hockey99

    Player Videos - "Tributes" "Highlights"

    Anybody have some good highlight/tribute videos for Red Wing Players I will post mine, I am planning on a Cleary and a Helm, maybe a Homer in the Future. Franzen: Rafalski:
  6. detroit_hockey99

    Chicago fans last night

    If I was Chelios I would have left the Ice, asked a Fan for a Red Wings Jersey and Ran back out With my two Middle Fingers in the Air!
  7. detroit_hockey99

    Red Wings Nationwide Arena vs. Jackets

    I contacted that Marriott and talked about getting a room for the night the wings are in town and the rate is 209$, which is normally around 100$, i then asked if the Red Wings are staying there and the lady said; "I am not able to release that kind of information." All other hotels have said no, which gives me a suspicion they may be staying there.
  8. detroit_hockey99

    Red Wings Nationwide Arena vs. Jackets

    No, I was referred to this Forum by some friends on HFBOARDS. They said this forum is much larger and has a better chance of knowing. But i am a huge(not in size) Wings fan and this will be my 4th Game Live as i live in Indy, and can't afford to drive up to the Joe. (Previous Games: Columbus in 2007, Wings vs. Ducks in the Joe 2/20/09, Wings in St. Louis 11/28/09) But if you know anything let me know i would love to meet them.
  9. detroit_hockey99

    Red Wings Nationwide Arena vs. Jackets

    I am going to the game in Columbus 11/26 vs. Wings, and was wondering if anybody knows when the Morning Skate is and if it is open to the Public, also if anybody knows where on the Building the Red Wings Players will enter and exit to get on the Team Bus and if there is access to back there? And if anybody knows if the Wings are staying in a Hotel, which one? Not to be a Stalker, I would just like to Meet the Red Wings.