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  1. Do Maple Leaf fans deserve better?

    I live day in and day out with 4 leaf fans. I feel no pity. As a Wings fan I am loyal to a fault. Living in Ontario I see maybe 5 games a year on tsn, so more often then not I am forced to suffer through Leafs games with them. I politely keep my mouth shut and don't laugh in their faces when they lose, but when the tables are turned, and the Wings games are on, all I get it s*** from them. So no I don't feel bad for them. I take great pleasure out of silently watching them struggle through their season and ultimately missing playoffs while the Wings slide through. Here's to another season of losses for them, and another roster on Lord Stanley for us

    One thing the Russians don't lack is fluidity. The guy has reached verb status! But then again this is Dats, who's one in a million! And, as a wings fan since birth, I put him on a pedestal.