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  1. gdt

    Moved back to GR in Feb, saw most of the Griffs playoff games so I welcome Nyquist back even if he deserves to play with the big boys. I swear time is slowing down as we get closer to gametime!
  2. GDT

    We just moved and I won't be getting cable so no hockey. I looked into Gamecenter Live but it looks like it will black out all of the Wings games, which defeats the purpose of buying Gamecenter. I know I've seen streaming links here on what seems like most game days. Can someone PM me with instructions on the best way to go about streaming online. I hate to do it, but I need my hockey!
  3. I liked the two Blackhawks basically holding Flip in place.
  4. Can you imagine what it would be like of Franzen played as hard as Helm.
  5. 3 power plays, one shot. Wtf?!?
  6. So many turnovers. We have been outworked and lazy at times. Need to get going
  7. My wife and sister were mad, it's their favorite part of the game
  8. True, but come on, Helm missed the net from 3 feet away earlier
  9. So was Niemi banking on Helm not hitting the net?
  10. I would be curious to see Det penalty minutes against San Jose vs avg penalty minutes against the rest of the league.
  11. Does anyone else picture Joey yelling "I'm invincible!" when he makes an awesome save?
  12. Speaking of the Mighty Ducks... Knuckle puck!
  13. Wtf is Jack Daniels Robo Cam?
  14. Thought Z should have stuck with the goal scorer on the 2nd one