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  1. play by play is pretty telling looks like zetterberg-datsyuk-holmstrom filppula-cleary-bertuzzi draper-helm-eaves abdelkader-hudler-miller
  2. Much to the chagrin of people who actually know the definition of the word.
  3. I was referring to each team specifically but my math was still wrong. For example, St Louis plays the Wings 6 times and only 3 times in their barn so actually what about the other 38 games? And it's only 2 for Phoenix so what about the other 39 games in their building?
  4. And what about the other 74-78 games that the Wings aren't playing them? The "sell more tickets for X" just seems like a weak excuse to me. Using that argument it makes more sense for all teams to play each other equal times (with there being a few more games against division opponents to develop those rivalries).
  5. I'm going to name my firstborn after him. Seriously! (sorta)
  6. Wings - Blackhawks '95 WCF has been my favorite series. Wings win 4-1 3 wins in overtime sent them to their first SCF finals in 29 years.
  7. My bad! Sorry about that.
  8. Four three game losing streaks = 12 Two two game losing streaks = 4 Seven one game losing streaks = 7 12+4+7 = 23 The Wings have only lost 19 total games this year. I admit, I am no math wiz but unless I am missing something 19 does not equal 23.
  9. Meh. It took me less time to get to work today (Westminster to Denver) than a normal day. It's cold and the roads are slick but this is par for the course for this Michigan boy.
  10. I live probably not much more than a mile from that Westin! For whatever that's worth.
  11. They used to practice at the Ice Centre in Westminster some years back. But with all the new ice surfaces built in metro Denver over the last 10-15 years I imagine it's someplace else these days.