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  1. Milbury is almost as good an analyst as he was a GM.
  2. Good on you for giving credit where it is due. It's fine to call out players for mistakes, but far too few posters will recognize when their whipping boys make good plays. Much respect. I hope you have a blast at the Joe and that they have a blowout win for you.
  3. Howard did indeed have a few average saves, and a great job preventing "bad pass goals".
  4. Cue the Van Halen, 1984 cassette, side two, track one, "Top Jimmy"
  5. Can't ice that Abdelkader, if you send it, you need to deliver it.
  6. Lundqvist out. I would love it if Jimmy got the empty netter.
  7. Wow... Lucky break with the high stick call. Pierre calling it the right call, replay was pretty clear. Good. Jimmy deserves better.
  8. I see what you did there.
  9. Hopefully that failed extended PP doesn't come back to haunt us. Howard!!!
  10. Is this just fantasy? anyone else have the fantasy of Edzo having an apoplectic stroke after a Wings win?
  11. 5 on 3 for us? Better not waste it.....
  12. PP. Kreider to the box. Make him pay and get an insurance goal. Let's Go Wings!
  13. Good effort by AA to keep them in their zone to rag off PP time.