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    Music (I teach high school choir, music theory, music history, and music technology plus play bass in several bands as well as freelance on keys); Reading sci-fi, fantasy, and military fiction; plus a wide variety of other stuff.

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  1. Howard with a decidedly average shutout. Cue the Van Halen.
  2. Come on guys, I am in the mood to hear some Billy Joel.
  3. True that. Some folks can't say anything positive, it seems. Empty net. Let's fill it up, boys!
  4. Hey, it happens once in a while.
  5. Been an enjoyable evening thus far.
  6. Weiss was too far gone, unfortunately. I think his injuries were worse than any of us were led to believe.
  7. via Imgflip Meme Generator
  8. Hey, keep calling the guys out if it makes them produce. . It reminds me of a couple of years ago when folks were doing the (player name) is lazy and he sucks bit and more often than not, said player would score.
  9. Way to go, AA! Vanek with an assist
  10. Russo scored for GR, assists Callahan and Bertuzzi. Come on Wings, don't let the kids out produce you!
  11. Wow, post at the end. Howard deserves the break, looked like it might night have counted anyway due to the time, On a side note, Street has scored for GR with assists from Bertuzzi and Svechnikov Bertuzzi assists from Street and Tangradi. Looks like the kids are doing well also. Come out strong in the 4rd and bring it home, boys! Let's Go Wings!
  12. Holding on Nyquist ends the PP.. Fair call, he had the guy wrapped up.
  13. PP.. Cry havoc, and unleash the hounds of war. Bury another one, they are on the mat, now stomp heir neck. Don't let them back into it.
  14. Goose X2!! Sproul with the assist.
  15. Just got in from running an errand. Was that Goose drawing first blood? yep, there's the goose is loose gif.