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  1. I would laugh if Mrazek got an empty netter just so he could bust Sheahan.
  2. Maybe the new goalie pants will make it more comfortable for Mrazek when he has to wear a backpack to carry the team.
  3. At a friend's house taking care of his pets for him, no feed there.
  4. 00000100 00001000 00001111 00010000 00010111 00101010 Glad to see the boys got first blood. What happened to Tinky Winky? Hopefully he is all right (after several games of rest just to be safe).
  5. Hey now, there are 10 kinds of people, those who read binary, and those who don't.
  6. House sitting for a friend, so I won't be able to watch this one. Make this the second win in a long streak, boys!
  7. Maybe the "introductory stats class" is needed to actually understand it. Even though it seems "Under the Bridge" is playing in here, I'll answer. Yzerman 10/10. He was a prototypical captain. Yes, he also had some of the best lieutenants ever assembled to help during the cup runs, but the guy embodied leadership. Playing injured, after that crazy surgery that realigned his leg bone, the 2OT goal, carrying the franchise on his back during his earlier years, reinventing his game to win championships instead of individual awards, what more can you say? Lidstrom 8.5/10. He was one of Stevie's top lieutenants, but with the C led by example. A Conn Smythe, showing up to practice the day after losing a ******** to a spear by Patrick Sharp, being an unparalleled stabilizing force on the blue line... He didn't do what Stevie did, but was a damn good captain. Hank 7.5/10. He had nowhere near the supporting cast Stevie and Nick did. Conn Smythe in a playoff run. "The Shift" during the 2008 finals. The years of not having high draft picks caught up to the team during his watch, and some questionable signings (Cleary) didn't help, but you can't blame the guy for things beyond his control. Plus as others mentioned, he has been a warrior in regards to dealing with injuries.
  8. Glad to see them tie it up. Put the pedal to the metal, keep the momentum, and finish them in regulation!
  9. Big goalie to wear the big backpack and carry the team to overcome defensive lapses.
  10. Hrm, I get ticked, TSN says AA scored. Maybe I need to call them out more.
  11. Just checked TSN online. Still no shots past the halfway point? WTF. How big of a backpack does Coreau have to wear to carry them? Grossly unacceptable. Wake up guys, and Let's Go Wings!
  12. They've been doing better with getting points recently, but they need to get regulation wins, especially against division teams to gain the most ground possible. If they lose, at least keep getting the OT point. Miller is going to be fired up. Hopefully Jurco actually produces. He can complain all he wants, but he has had plenty of opportunity and not taken advantage. Sheahan needs to get off the 0-fer slump already. Doing a late dinner at a friend's house so I will likely miss most of this one. I haven't been on much recently due to real-life stuff but I have been here in spirit. Let's Go Wings!
  13. Considering the Wings picked Drew off the waiver wire years ago, it was a pretty good pickup, IMHO. No way Ken would have gotten anything for him in trade though. Rival GM's seem to have played more hard ball with Kenny than other GM's I think, because they don't want to be the one that sets the Wings up for another huge playoff streak (or extend the current one). We can thank Drew for his service, but to throw Kenny under the bus for not getting return on him is, IMHO, quite misguided. If he gets picked up, good for him, and best of luck against the other 28 teams he faces. If not, he can help to develop the next generation of PK stalwarts in Grand Rapids.
  14. Surprised to see this, but pleasantly so. Drew has been a good team player and a strong asset on the PK. However, I am glad Kenny rightly is not displacing someone better suited from the top 12. This could bode well for the future if Kenny is now thinking this way.