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  1. megaelixir


  2. HOLY s*** HOLY s***! Keep it up boys!!!!!!

  3. Why oh why was the GordDownie tour canceled? This is truly a bummer.

  4. What's with

  5. Yay! My professor cancelled class today!

  6. Just posting to say that Mary Depowski is the best sister anyone could ever have, and I love her a whole lot!

  7. Super was....well...super! And super f'd up. James Gunn never disappoints me.

  8. Started the day with pilates (cut only slightly short by the cats running across me at breakneck speed every time I had to lay on the mat), now it's time for a smoothie, running, then opening day at the village!

  9. "I'm telling you that baby could be the star of a show called Babies I Don't Care About."Ahahaha, the Office was pretty good tonight.

  10. Dearborn Borders is closing in three days. Everything is at least 80% off, and most of it is discounted even deeper than that. There's still quite a bit to pick through. Jon and I just got 16 books and a CD for like 50 bucks.

  11. Jon just spit out his beer when Mark Bernstein was like "AND DIDYA KNOW THAT HE'S BLIND!?".

  12. Just call us butter, baby, 'cause we're on a roll!

  13. Happy Playoffs, everyone! Here's to a long run with a nice drink at the end! Go Wings!

  14. Googlelogo looks awesome today!

  15. I made chocolate orange fruit soup for dessert tonight. omg.