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  1. Legwand to Detroit for Eaves, Jarnkrok + cond 3rd/2nd

    So next year....Z and Dats play together. Weiss and Legwand are 2 and 3 or 3 and 2. Helm is always injured. Best man for the job steps up and wins the #4 spot. Not sure what the problem is. The issue I do have is Holland failing to step up and get Ryan Ellis involved in the deal. Under valued and poorly utilized by Trotz. All the skill in the world. Right handed shot. Best plus/minus on the team. Limited ice time. Playing behind Weber,Jones,Del Zotto and Josi. I find it hard to believe a competent and determined GM couldn't pry this kid out of Nashville. He will have a better career than Rafalski if ever given the chance.
  2. Trade deadline fast approaching - who should we target?

    Exactly. But Ellis is a bum who hasn't been buried by Trotz according to message board experts on another board. Williams wasn't the answer for the right handed shot on the second pp unit..and imo we still have no answer yet and no #4 Dman.
  3. Trade deadline fast approaching - who should we target?

    I'm surprised the name Ryan Ellis hasn't come up. Would be a great fit.
  4. Jordin Tootoo in rehab

    Yes but..at times we've had plastic octupi, pink rally towels and imo the worst was when the fans cheered louder all game for the m n m's races on the scoreclock than they did during the game. As for addictions Probert, Kocur, Klima, Kennedy, McCarty and others. I wish him well. Link Gaetz.
  5. So who remembers the 85-86 season?

    Hey, Nice post. I got jumped on in another thread..maybe my post was over the top, maybe the kids a jerk but anyways.... I have an old Bruise brothers hockey fights vhs tape from the 80's, highlight maybe being the Maguire pounding Yzerman/ Probie pounding Maguire video...now that crowd was insane. Doesn't have Kocur caving in Dalgaro's face...different times . cheers.
  6. I'm Boycotting the Winter Classic...

    So Grammar Nazi, board sniper/flamer and obviously bitter. Now I know what the rest of the forum already did. Don't respond to my posts son, I'm not interested in your hating. Tuff s*** for you (like the slang?) that 90% of Wings fans are sick of Bettman pushing Crosby/Ovie. Simply go back and reread the thread.....use the scroll bar......it's on your right.
  7. I'm Boycotting the Winter Classic...

    So you're the board grammar police? Good for you....yawn.
  8. So who remembers the 85-86 season?

    Yes, I remember..a young kid named Yzerman and a bunch of has beens and goons, including I think a very young pair of bruise brothers, and so many empty seats. That's around the time Yzerman took over the captaincy from an aging Danny Gare. I thought Greg Steffan was the goalie...but maybe my old memory is failing.
  9. Jiri Hudler Watch Thread

    That's quite the insult to Lang and all the overpaid, lazy and unproductive slackers out there. Hudler's a bum. No excuses.
  10. I'm Boycotting the Winter Classic...

    Who really give's a rats ass about Bettman trying to sell the game to casual and non hockey fans? I'm not one who will say it's good for Gary's businees so I'll meekly put up with him trying to shove Crosby and Ovechkin down everyone's throat yet again, Stuff it Gary. Not Watching. And you can contract you're non Hockey markets we are paying to subsidize such as Phoenix,Florida,Atlanta etc...Get it through you're thick head Gary.