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  1. Winter classic tickets

    Thanks for the advice guys I managed to get 4 tickets to the OHL, Alumni and Winter classic games so me my wife and two mates are coming to Detroit We`ll be landing in Chicago on the 26th and staying for 2 nights then driving to Detroit for the next 5 nights, can anyone recommend where I should be looking for a hotel that`s near the games? Also where is the best night life going to be? I`ve only been to Detroit once so I know where the Joe, hockey town cafe and ford field are but that`s it .
  2. Winter classic tickets

    My wife has a friend who lives in Windsor would she be able to purchase them for us? it might sound silly but they wont ask for proof of residence on the day will they?
  3. Winter classic tickets

    Hi guys, I have just received a email from leafs nation saying that I have won the ballot draw and I am entitled to purchase 4 tickets to the winter classic!!!! After jumping up and down with excitement I had a look at the terms and conditions and it says you must be a resident of Ontario to purchase tickets Is there anyway I can get around this without moving to Ontario? I have been a die hard wings fan for 10 years now and have only had the chance to see them play in Stockholm, attending the winter classic would be a dream come true for me and my wife. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated