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  1. I just saw on directv's center ice page that it's free from Jan 19-31
  2. any news on fsd? I'm sure they will cover games too right? I don't see anyone covering the 19th game in st lousis... We will hear tomorrow maybe? Can't they start tomorrow lol, I miss hockey so much
  3. If feels like I'm watching the clock like it's a countdown to the end of the world. I know that sounds somewhat stupid but I love my hockey addiction lol. I haven't seen any tv coverage in my area neither local and national.
  4. Thank you so much!
  5. Your so lucky, I'm still stuck with the rangers/caps... UGH I HATE U VERSUS!
  6. Wish I lived in Detroit because I can't watch the game because versus says I can't!!! This is so stupid, ESPN would have never done this.
  7. Since crosby isn't playing tonight, so who can the fans in the arena boo? I'd boo at home but I'm in ct so I doubt the pens players would hear me lol. I hope we can kick some little pens ass tonight!
  8. I do that with everything but hockey because the game center live games broadcast on a delay. I'm stuck what the rangers and flyers, boy is it weird to hear ken daniels on nbc and without detroit playing on the ice...
  9. I know we can we watch it online but when I've watched online via game center live it's always on a delay. Just another reason why I miss espn!