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  1. This is a video I made using some wings footage and the detroit chrysler eminem super bowl commercial.
  2. oh, sorry i misunderstood. but thanks, i got started on it as soon as the commercial aired during the game last night. i'd been wanting to make a video like that for a while, but i lacked the appropriate voice over. when i saw that last night, i knew it was the right one to use.
  3. I made the video, and yes it was the 2009-2010 opening video for the regular season. i realize the clips are too fast, but i mean...slowing them down would make it even worse.
  4. to be completely honest, i didn't realize that was him until after the video was uploaded to youtube. i just saw it as a wings highlight. i apologize to all for having to see him in a wings uni again.
  6. I honestly would like to see Tatar get called up again. He obviously has talent so we need to get him up to speed. I know last time wasn't great, but he needs to develop a feel for the line, team, and league. The more opportunities he gets on the Wings, the better he will become. I know we all hate to admit it, but we do have some old guys. Tatar will need to be a regular at some point in time.
  7. I thought basketball was African...
  8. Russia and Finland tied 1-1 after 1
  9. the usa won last year, and did win their pool while canada finished second behind sweden. but with the history canada has in this particular tournament, and revenge factor. i personally have a hard time picking anybody else to win the gold.
  10. of course. i did not look at locations. when i see "us" i think the usa.
  11. the usa won the world juniors last year. i can only assume you are talking about the olympics.
  12. oh how i wish center ice showed the post game reports.
  13. been afraid to pull the trigger all night.
  14. Time winding down, keep the pressure on and tonight will be a good night.