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  1. FYI, Colorado lost their last game to the Islanders, you have it listed as Colorado Defeating them.
  2. Very excited for the game tonight. 3rd row from the glass in the Wings Attack Zone. Should be awesome!! This will be the closest that I have ever sat for a pro game. Go Wings!!
  3. Hey, I am a die hard wings fan living in the land of the Avalanche, and was wondering if anyone knew where the wings practice before their games against the avalanche. Or possibly where they are going to be staying. I do have tickets to the game, but I also have that Monday off of work and thought it would be neat to try and track down the team. They are in the middle of a long western swing and will probably be here on Sunday. I thought that I saw the plane and Jeffco Airport a few years back, but couldn't' track down the team. Any help you guys have would be awesome! Thanks