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  1. GDT

    I'm about to go straight from work downtown for this game. First of this season for me.
  2. Nyquist was so pumped after the emmerton goal, love seeing that
  3. wat
  4. Mick just said Pavel said he wanted to do that. Tough angle to pull that off tho. Soon.
  5. Datsyuk!!!! I love that pass, its gotta work soon.
  6. Caught a huge break right there. Thank god one went Wings way.
  7. Damn it I want to see the replay right now, not a bridgestone commercial
  8. Well thats the line to do it finally.
  9. My gf is from the UP and a whole bus of people from her family and friends came down to watch the Nashville game the other day. Probably the only live Wings game alot of them will see. Not only was the weather terrible windy cold rain downtown, the Wings played like dog dick. Only thing I could say was don't judge the city or team based on that effort, sorry guys, have a fun bus ride home lol
  10. My god another PK, jesus christ don't I have something better to do today.
  11. The only fun in this game so far is watching #14 bust his ass out there. Everyone else seems half awake.
  12. Nyquist! Love this kid
  13. Well that's just great, time to regroup at intermission. Not playing wel.
  14. Ugh my stream has the FL feed, these guys are dull.