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  1. RedWingsJax

    Red Wings @ Lightnings - 2/17

    Well, I look for it... Should be easy cause we'll be on top of the world... up there... it will be 3 of us... me, guy with Datsyuk red jersey and 2 girls with a Zetterberg red jersey and probably an Yzerman jersey. shout if you guys see us... we probably will go on the plaza in front the arena around 5ish... But I'm sure i will find you cause I dont think I've ever seen a Hudler jersey before! if not, enjoy the game and go Wings!
  2. RedWingsJax

    Red Wings @ Lightnings - 2/17

    Hey everyone, Going to the game in Tampa... anybody will be there? Also I am not sure it is the right place to ask but does anybody know what is the players schedule when they're on the road (morning skate,...). Would like to try to meet with them or at least see them practice. Thanks