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  1. Shawinigan beat the sea dogs 4-3. Jurco had two goals.
  2. That I's an awesome cover!!! Pavs deserves it, everyone keep voting for him.
  3. Wow 6-2 Russia wins. Pavs is so pumped up right now, it's good to see
  4. Pavs, semin and Ovie are just tearing it up right now. Pavs needs a Russian!
  5. tatar is pulling off some insane moves against canada right now. He is looking awesome out there so far.
  6. Maybe 10%
  7. I just find it hard to believe i really hope we can get parise I think that would be huge.. I just can't see Kenny outbidding other interested teams. But I really hope I eat crow on this one.
  8. Lol. I'm sure u know what I mean.
  9. I Guarantee we are not getting either parise or sutter.
  10. Some people including me just need to realize sometimes that' it's just a damn game... Simmer down please..
  11. See y'all next year
  12. Honest question. Do you think we will ice a better team next year.
  13. Wtf a goal?!?!?!
  14. That's such bull s***!!
  15. Zetterberg is such a beast.