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  1. Purely depends on whether we land another big winger. If we get Semin or Doan. Then Pav has a help on his line. If we don't get Semin or Doan then I am all for moving Z back on the wing and bring Flip back to center.
  2. Schultz signed with Edmonton
  3. Franzen, Dats, (Signed forward) Flip, Z, Brunner Bert, Helm, Cleary Miller, Abby, Eaves (if healthy) Mursak
  4. Kubina reminds of me of when we got Bertuzzi. Everyone thought he was a waste until he came here and reworked his game. Kubina is a big body with an offense upside. Put the detroit defense work ethic in his head and he could be the a savoir for our third pairing come playoffs.