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  1. (2) San Jose Sharks vs. (3) Detroit Red Wings

    hope you dont think i wrote that lol
  2. (2) San Jose Sharks vs. (3) Detroit Red Wings

    Puck Daddy via Yahoo i find role players to be of as high quality as scorers and this is true dats and hank can be on a completely different level when in the playoffs..id even throw franzen in there
  3. (2) San Jose Sharks vs. (3) Detroit Red Wings

    The first real indication that the Sharks were shedding the choker label was last spring, when they built a 3-0 lead on the Red Wings in the conference semifinals, got their asses handed to them in Game 4, but still managed to close out the series in Game 5. Now, that maturation as a contender has continued, to the point where Joe Thornton(notes) — Joe Thornton! — is scoring clutch, series-winning goals. But while the Sharks are learning to be a champion, the majority of this Red Wings roster has been one. They dispatched the Phoenix Coyotes with an assassin's resolve. They'll be rested. They'll be healthy. They'll be ready. Leaning Towards … The Sharks. Niemi and Howard are a wash, and San Jose has more quality depth at forward than Detroit. This is a different Sharks team; dare I say a special one? kinda bolded what i found funny all we can ask for is a really good series
  4. Red Wings MVP of Round 1

    I'll put it this way...there is a reason my first hockey jersey was Helmer and having him behind Datsyuk in the voting isnt THAT bad
  5. Around Jobing.com Arena

    Very helpful thanks for the input. I'm from LA so i know what to do/not do here but I have never been to Arizona so I'm just trying to get some opinions off whoever has been there/lives there. Hope to be able to make it!
  6. Around Jobing.com Arena

    Is the area around the arena pretty safe? And in walking distance from hotels? My uncle and I are hoping to fly out and we are trying to figure out if we need a rent-a-car.
  7. To Red Wings fans in Arizona:

    Yeah why not turn every stadium into Oakland, Staples Center, Dodgers Stadium Not rooting for the home team? Get your ass beat. Takes the fun out of the game...My dad told me a story about when he went to Denver for a Browns/Bronco game and he was able to make conversation with Bronco fans He wasn't messed with except for the normal jokes about the Browns (mistake by the lake etc) What are sports coming to... ILL HOPEFULLY MAKE IT TO ARIZONA ON MONDAY AND ILL BE IN MY HELM JERSEY