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  1. Lucic Spearing DeKeyser

    Regular season is behind us and we won the Presidents Trophy while others just made the playoffs by the skin of their teeth 2 years in a row. Now you're about to see what will happen to you in the 1st round, like you guys have done to Nashville. We were down 0-2 to the Habs in 2011 and won that series...we went 7 games with Tampon Bay and won that series...we went 7 against the Canucks and won the Cup. So I'm not worried about home ice advantage. We ran the tables then and we'll do it this time.
  2. Lucic Spearing DeKeyser

    Last I looked you guys don't have any serious fighters that can chuck knuckles. You guys might have the speed and skill but you don't have the muscle.
  3. Lucic Spearing DeKeyser

    That's ok...we'll give Boychuk the green light to take nail your 2 starts...oh wait...Z's out so we'll nail Dat's and Nyquist. You'll see what it's like to be the Eastern Conference version of the Nashville Preds...1st round bounce.
  4. Lucic Spearing DeKeyser

    Last time our 2 teams had a brawl.
  5. Lucic Spearing DeKeyser

    One thing we both know is...this wont be a Avs/Wings hate series.
  6. Lucic Spearing DeKeyser

    Easy now...I'm sure it won't be long until we see a stupid hit from Kronwall. I don't like that Lucic did this either. It's the playoffs and the league hates to suspend a team's best player in the playoffs, though there is some precedence. Every team has had this done to a player in the playoffs for decades. Teams are so use to it it's not funny. So Lucic is the first player in the history of the NHL to take his stick to another player’s sack? DD should send a check today for the next game retaliation. Pay it in advance. $5,000 is chump change, Lucic can make that $5K back in 2 shift’s . Next time he should check into the boards. It’s not a head shot…all DD has to do is put some ice on his sack and move on….he’s only making a AHL salary.
  7. Iginla Traded to Pittsburgh

    I want to look at the Insurance provisions...think it was Article 24 in the old CBA.
  8. Iginla Traded to Pittsburgh

    Anybody have the link to the new CBA? I want to look up something.
  9. Iginla Traded to Pittsburgh

    In the wake of the Iginla-to-Pittsburgh trade fiasco, Bruins’ GM Peter Chiarelli held a press conference to…to say…well, to say that he’s pretty pissed about how this all went down.
  10. Iginla Traded to Pittsburgh

    NHL Insurance Plan Covers Player Contracts For Seven Years Published September 11, 2008
  11. Iginla Traded to Pittsburgh

    Didn't Ray Shero come from the Preds? Remember they must insure these players contracts.
  12. NHL, NHLPA reach tentative agreement on new CBA

    I was thinking the same thing after reading all of the deals made to the media. Anybody know more about this upper limit stuff?
  13. 2012 Lockout Watch This caught my attention: "There was no mention of a salary rollback, like the 24 percent the players had to cough up in the 2005 settlement, but there's still a significant haircut to be taken. They can call it escrow, but by any name it means giant piles of money are being yanked back from the players. And so, despite Bettman's claim, this proposal is not different in any meaningful way from the first. A new approach, sure, but it's not progress. Bettman can suggest that revenue sharing "will not make or break" these negotiations, as he did in a post meeting press briefing yesterday. But since that's the main plank in the NHLPA platform, it illustrates that the two sides are not even close to speaking the same language. The players are willing to take less money, but for their sacrifice they want a new system in place, a more effective revenue sharing model among the teams. The owners want to guarantee that they retain more revenue through a significant diminishment of salaries. Is there any reason to expect that to change before Sept. 15? Hardly. The reality is that the owners have no motivation to make "meaningful" concessions at this point. They'll continue to play their shell game, moving the ball around the table in a way that makes their offer seem more palatable to the public while the clock winds down and the pressure begins to weigh on the union." At the end of the day Bettman, and the owners, have not changed their stance on anything other than smoking mirrors and fast moving hands. I hope there is a lock out, well kinda, because it will show that the owners aren't serious about fixing anything and screwing the players.
  14. 2012 Lockout Watch

    Allan Walsh‏@walsha NFL/NBA players didn't take 24% rollback last time. RT@KatieStrangESPN: Bettman pointed to NFL, NBA that reduced players' shares
  15. 2012 Lockout Watch

    Does it take a degree in economics to read the tweets being sent out on what Bettman is saying?? because some of them have me lost. Aaron Ward‏@aaronward_nhl Bettman avoided describing how teams would get down to $58 M cap by saying,'if I have to describe that,then we are in good shape' Renaud P Lavoie‏@RenLavoieRDS Gary Bettman: "you need to consider what's fair because we run the league at 43 % of the revenues." LOL at 43%...Bettman blowing smoke up our ass again? Allan Walsh‏@walsha Imagine if players demanded more than what's in their contracts? RT@reporterchris: Bettman says players have no "entitlement" to 57% of rev.