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  1. wingnut09

    possible signing?

    An ESPN Insider said the wings have some interest is bringing in Brad Richards in on a similar short term we signed Marian Hossa to. I know this isn't retooling the defense but does anyone see this happening?
  2. wingnut09

    James Wisniewski?

    I'd love to pick up the wiz. The only defender out there id like more is Weber but that's a pipe dream at this point. And I also would love to get rid of rafis contract. But I don't see a trade happening. What they could do tho is send him to the minors so he doesn't hit out cap and pray he gets claimed off waivers. But that would be the end of rafi in Detroit BC I think he'd get pissed lol
  3. wingnut09

    Red Wings transaction rumors...already?

    I see what your saying with most of your points but Nabakovs contract is only one year at about 700k. Ozzie was making way more than that so we would get our back up for lesser money
  4. Hey everyone, just wanted your thoughts on a couple of rumors I've heard since the wings lost in game 7. One was a trade with us sending Valteri Filpula to Phx for Shane Doan. I actually think I like this, but would prefer if it were for Hudler not Filpula. I heard this midday on 97.1 the ticket. And the other was, since Ozzie is probably done and Nabakov is still with the islanders that wed trade a later pick to get nabakov here to back up and push Howie. Let me just say I'm a believer in Howard just so you know where I stand lol. Thanks for the input guys
  5. wingnut09

    any of these possibilities?

    ESPN reported the other day that Holland may shake up this squad if they don't start playing better. I know tsn reported that the rangers are willing to deal gaborik and the stars deal Richards. I know we need defense but any chance of either of these guys coming to Detroit? Even with Richards being a rental?
  6. wingnut09

    red wings song

    Hey everybody, I'm looking for a certain song. It was a remix off of "Two pinacoladas". It was played alot on 99.5 in Detroit. If you know the song and know where I can download/buy it please let me know. Thanks!
  7. wingnut09

    2011 possible deadline trades?

    I really haven't heard any rumblings involving the red wings in sone trade talks. But I got a feeling Holland has an ALL OR NOTHING stance this year so I think he's gonna be looking to make some deals. Any ideas who he may look to bring in and who he REALISTICALLY may ship out.