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  1. Wings Playoff/Cup chances?

    I can't see us beating the Sharkies or the 'Nucks truthfully. It would be very impressive if we did. I'll reserve judgement until we a healthy lineup in Round 1, Game 1. Last night I hope will be a wake up card because getting pounded by a non-playoff team this close to the playoffs is not a good thing. I hope Babs can get the ship steered right.
  2. Wings Playoff/Cup chances?

    Actually, beyond cup chances, I meant does anyone else feel this team is lacking in some way, but can't really nail it down? I know this is a prelude to the playoffs, but I have felt this way since last December. Even when they were winning, I didn't find it overly impressive the way it was done.
  3. Wings Playoff/Cup chances?

    I'm not new, been on here for many years, but I rarely post. I just wanted to see how others felt. In a way, this kinda feels like 1997. I didn't think that team would go very far and they won it all (shows what I know). Anything can happen, true, and I sure hope they go all the way. The way we've played, in general, against Vancouver, Sharks, and some of the other top teams has me concerned. I will say that a healthy Wings team firing on all cylinders will be very difficult to beat in a 7 game series. I hope we gel at the right time :-)
  4. Wings Playoff/Cup chances?

    Hey, I can't put my finger on it, but I just don't see the team going very deep in the playoffs this year. I sure hope I'm wrong of course. Does anyone else feel this way? I've noticed the inconsistency in goaltending and defense. But it seems to be something else that just seems off with this year's club. Ever notice how teams that aggressively forecheck the wings cause us all sorts of problems? Can't clear, then penalties follow because of fatigue on a long shift when their pinned in the zone? Anyone else have the same or differing point of view? I'd like to hear what you all think. Jeff
  5. Finding old games

    I tried to email you direct, but it wouldn't let me. Mine is Thanks!! Jeff
  6. Finding old games

    I know you can transfer VHS Tapes at Costco. I had one done recently. I don't have any old NHL tapes. The only one I had was a 2.5 hour hockey fights compilation I had moved over to DVD. I'll try that torrent site. @Detroit40oz, If you could make a list of what you have, I would be very interested ;-) Jeff
  7. Finding old games

    Hello, I'm trying to find some old games. I'm putting together a compilation of favorites, other than the ones on the Celebration DVD set. For example, game 2 of the 98 SC finals against the Caps. Anyone else ever try this? Thanks, Jeff