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  1. I wish everyone on this team had the same fighting spirit as Jimmy Howard. Did you see his reactions after the game, he was ready to explode, I wouldn't want to be near him in the locker room. Half the players on this team look like the game means nothing to them, they should look to Jimmy's reactions and see what passion is.

    Fantastic game from Howard tonight, too bad we're giving him no offense to work with.

    Completely agree with you on that. As strange as it sounds, Howards aggression especially near the end of the game gives me hope, while the rest of the team gives off that "well what can ya do" vibe.

    Also on a side note:

    again im sorry i dont need to compliment often. but in fact ive been tryin to tell you for sometime but i just couldnt find the right time. maybe this wasnt the best time to or maybe it was. but in saying that..if there is something that i say that is very bad and deserves insult then i give you full permission to insult me in any way.

    heres something to start: i live in canada, i love the toronto blue jays, im a sap when it comes to movies, and i like to walk around naked in my house. there you go. :)

    oh..and go wings. win on thursday

    Is it just me or does this post seem like its been written by a man who has some weird fetish of being verbally abused by women :lol: ...:huh:

  2. Wish the poll was worded in a way where I could feel a little more comfortable voting. Something like "Which team would you love to see lose the series more?"

    I am able to withstand just one more Vancouver victory if they can take out the SJS, just as long as TB ends their stanley cup wishes in the finals. I hope I'm not sounding too evil!..

  3. I just looked at Stub Hub, unless a dollar is worth more in MI than CA (which it may very well be) I would give a lefty for up close tickets for a Game 6. I paid 280 X2 for row 12 Game 1 tix. If I knew you Id wire you the cash so you could see the Wings at the Joe.

    Imagine me wanting to see them at home at it costing well over a grand a ticket after airfare and hotel plus tix and food, car ect

    If you can do it, do it!!`Nothing like wearing Red during the Playoffs against who I believe to be the new Avs rivalry.

    Aw, I appreciate the thought anyway. heres hoping I find someone to take that is willing to spend the same amount as I am, and if not.. i'll find a way :D

  4. ^ I know! I would for myself, but the problem is.. none of my girl friends are big hockey/RW fans and they wouldnt pay that much for seats.. and I've heard its not a good idea for a 19 year old female to go to a sports game alone, for some reason? lol

    Season ticket holder and you don't wanna know lol

    Of courseee youre a season ticket holder lol.. maybe I can find a ticket a little cheaper tomorrow, and I'll be losing my voice with the rest of the fans in no time :)

    Lets go wings!!!! We were the only team to sweep last round, lets be the only ones taking it to Game 7 this round. History continues..

  5. Haha, okay, wait, actually I do have something totally off the wall that I do. Right, this is kind of embarrassing, but I secretly think Patrick Marleau, in all his awkwardness, is kind of cute, but he's been doing really badly. After game 3, I figured maybe if I started saying, "Setoguchi is the man!" or "Thornton is my favorite player!" that it would confuse the hockey gods so they would make those players do badly, too. It actually kinda worked, especially in game 5, and especially with Thornton. But just for the record, I refuse to say anything like, "Dan Boyle is a sexy beast," after having seen That One Picture of him. I am way too scarred for life to go that far.

    Hahahaha, sorry.. that is the strangest, cutest superstition yet.

  6. I hate betting lines.

    That said 4-3 Lids hat trick, Helm short handed GWG and we'll see the best KRONWALLING of the series :D (damn I still get goosebumps from seein the game three Kronwalling in person. At least me and my friend had our heads up and saw it coming!)

    Edit: oh yeah those of you at the Joe with us be loud I know we will be losing our voices again :D

    Just curious, where did you get your tickets & for how much? I really would love to go but the cheapest i found were on stubhub for 92$ ???

  7. Hahah.. Kronwall puts so much energy, he even gets off balance after both of those hits. I love when the camera pans over to Heatley, looking all dazed & confused

    Sexy sexy hit..... Nothing better than seeing douchenozzles get laid out. thumbup.gif

    I agree.. pretty sexy, but probably not in the same way you meant it :P