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  1. f*** me. Go Lions
  2. Hah, everyone wants a piece of Jimmy.. it's entertaining to watch & pleasing to know it doesn't throw off his game. In fact, I think he comes back even harder
  3. Um......... is this man really twice my age??
  4. I'm fueled with fire to write a coherent response But that comment made my day haha
  5. Completely agree with you on that. As strange as it sounds, Howards aggression especially near the end of the game gives me hope, while the rest of the team gives off that "well what can ya do" vibe. Also on a side note: Is it just me or does this post seem like its been written by a man who has some weird fetish of being verbally abused by women ...
  6. I love Wings fans
  7. I can sense a Lids goal!... please
  8. Wish the poll was worded in a way where I could feel a little more comfortable voting. Something like "Which team would you love to see lose the series more?" I am able to withstand just one more Vancouver victory if they can take out the SJS, just as long as TB ends their stanley cup wishes in the finals. I hope I'm not sounding too evil!..
  9. I agree.. I've never been more anxious to hear all the boos, taunting Jimmys name, and when their crowd screams "Beat Detroit" up until the Wings silence them half way through their chant.
  10. They are hilarious.. people shouldn't take it so seriously. I always use to watch Its Always Sunny in Phili, & its awesome to see the green men in the NHL now haha. This 2 are my favorites:
  11. May the classiest team win.. lets go sharks
  12. Wings, you cannot go down like this.. you've fought too hard to let it all go. We believe, now lets make it happen! This is history in the making... :siren:
  13. Why not us???
  14. HELM!!!!!!
  15. Ugh look how hard were working!! A lucky bounce is bound to come our way!