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  1. Mis-spelled Salei's name in the intro. Whoops.
  2. The Shana-hammer has dropped on your punk ass!
  3. I can't believe Cooke is wearing an 'A'...
  4. They have an article over on puck daddy now: Article
  5. I was wondering that too. I'm going to miss the iceberg pads, definitely one of the finest sets to hit the ice. Also- mask looks incredible. Me gusta.
  6. Crash scene photos Note- although this was on Yahoo, the pictures are very grim and include the body of a victim. Sad, sad summer for hockey...
  7. @ Uncle Danny Well put.
  8. Ryan Lambert is a garbage 'sports blogger' if you can even call him that. Chris over at NOHS basically summed it up, Haters Gonna Hate
  9. my thoughts exactly.
  10. Reported one year contract: NHL
  11. Maybe Toronto will pick him up next.
  12. Mark off Roloson: NHL
  13. Another veteran hanging them up: Ducks Website I wonder who else will be retiring before the season.
  14. Le sigh. An essential cog that will be missed from the big red machine. You will be missed Raf... It sums it up with the first question in the after winning the cup in 2008.