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  1. I LOL'd
  2. Imagine how big of a scumbag you have to be to even think such a thing, let alone come to a messageboard and type it out for others to read. We're talking about a man's health and well-being. Some people disgust me (ie those of you who voted this garbage up).
  3. Torres has been suspended indefinitely, hearing on Friday.
  4. classy!
  6. Read the thread. How many butthurt Wings fans were in here crying about the Detroit Sucks chant before I said anything? I'm just pointing out that it's silly and pointless and it only started because of how good Detroit has been for a long time. The reason there is no "Blues Suck" chant (when they actually do suck) is because they weren't worth worrying about until now. Do you really believe that Hawks fans actually think that the Detroit Red Wings "suck" at anything related to professional hockey? Use your head. "Thats like me saying you are a retarded c*** or something, and then trying to say "oh, I meant that as a sign of respect" Yeah, that's exactly the same thing. LOL. And NO you're not butthurt at all. Nope, not one bit. I can see that clearly. You: "Dem bad Hawks fans say mean stuff about my wings!!!!!! WAAAAH!!!!!!!" CRY MOAR! We love it.
  7. you seriously sound like a child. You didn't even attempt to defend your irrationality. THE EARTH IS FLAT!!!! THAT'S MY LOGIC AND I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU SAY!!!!!
  8. All reasonable Hawks fans respect the Red Wings. The fact that you guys get so butthurt about a retarded Detroit Sucks chant just shows that it gets under your skin exactly as planned. You know why Chicago chants Detroit Sucks? Because the Wings kicked our asses for decades. It's a sign of respect whether you realize it or not.
  9. Wait did I just read that Yzerman is as good as Gretzky/Lemieux? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA --deep breath-- BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  10. He only had 4 points tonight
  11. This is the key question. Tell us who you think is better and we'll compare numbers and accomplishments.
  12. yep it's just over 10 games, oh wait... Regular Season: 422 GP, 217 G, 327 A, 1.40 PPG, +77, Playoffs: 62 GP, 30 G, 52 A, 1.32 PPG, +22 Hart Trophy, Art Ross Trophy, Lester B Pearson Award, Stanley Cup champion, 24 years old
  13. yep, pretty much.
  14. When he's healthy, no one is even close to Crosby. Not Malkin, not Giroux, not Dats, not Toews, not the Sedins, nobody. Also, it's 5 points in 2 games since coming back.
  15. Blues lost.