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  1. Is the Kaberle Saga Over?

    Anybody can say they love a city or team...having said that...you are correct on Nashville having to match any offer. With Nashville sitting on approx $28mil and their off season UFA and RFA they may spend that money to sign them AND to get some talent in Nashville. They need to dump Erat, which is taking up $5.5mil and he's not worth all that. Nashville has some interesting moves to make this summer.
  2. Is the Kaberle Saga Over?

    Ya, it's been rumored that Krejci/Wheeler, around here, might be the ones going to the Leafs. I'm not crazy about letting Krejci go, however, Kaberle is a pretty damn good puck moving D-man which can help us out in the back end alot. Not hearing much about "prospects" though...
  3. Is the Kaberle Saga Over?

    Weber MIGHT do it if the price and right and I'm sure he is tired of getting bounced in the 1st round.
  4. Is the Kaberle Saga Over?

    You guys might want to spend that money on Shea Weber for when he becomes a FA so he can replace Nick when he gets ready to retire. There is THAT rumor going around...
  5. Is the Kaberle Saga Over?

    Kaberle has as much of a chance wearing a Wings sweater as Evgeni Nabokov wearing a Wings or Islanders sweater lol. Kaberle's salary would exceed your $2.15mil cap room.
  6. Is the Kaberle Saga Over?

    Brian Burke is such a great GM that the Hartford Whalers hired him as their GM for 1 year before they fired him...he was such a great GM in Vancouver that they choose not to renew his contract...the ONLY bright spot on his resume is winning the Stanley Cup with the Ducks in the 2006-2007 season...and now he is the GM with the Leafs since November 2008 and they can't seem to buy a playoff spot since he came their and brought Ron Wilson. Leafs are 6-3-1 in their last 10 and won 2 in a row...look out Carolina!!! LOL. Peter Chiarelli, in my opinion, is a much better GM than Burke...Peter has done an outstanding job of turning our team around and getting players, after all, he did land Chara a big fish in the free agent market after the 2005-2006 (only the third Slovak-born NHL player to become a team captain). Peter is no slouch...atleast we have a few players we can dump to free up $3.7mil...hell lol we'll send you guys Mark Recchi so you can boast that you have another "oldest" player on your team.
  7. Is the Kaberle Saga Over?

    Bruins are right up near the cap limit...I'm sure salary will be dumped to make room for Kaberle, as for Brad Richards, that has come and gone. They would be giving up a s*** load for him...the Bruisn aren't the New York Yankees of the NHL were they are going to mortgage away their future or up and coming prospects.
  8. Is the Kaberle Saga Over?

    I hope he's not a rental for us and I hope we don't give up Krejci. Guess we'll know when the deal is inked.
  9. Is the Kaberle Saga Over?

    Hot off twitter 20 minutes ago. Looks like Kaberle is going to be a Bruin. Kaberle maybe a Bruin before is all said and done.
  10. Boston acquires Chris Kelly

    Granted Kelly's numbers aren't all that great, lets not loose site that the Sens from 2006-2007 only had 1 playmaker in Dan Heatly, and even then Kelly's stats still weren't great. Dan Heatly left the Sens after the '08/'09 season....so once again the Sens don't have the playmakers on that team to improve his numbers or anybody else.
  11. Boston acquires Chris Kelly

    General Manager Peter Chiarelli knows Kelly very well when he was an assistant GM in Ottawa, so I'm sure he has his reasons for us getting him. We have a good balance of vets and rookies, so it's not like we're getting older. He did say we needed a center and maybe a d-man too. Ottawa is rebuilding so I'm sure we haven't seen the last of a Sens player to leave...
  12. Isles vs Pens

    Mario Lemieux crys about the the disipline against the Islanders...ummm buddy...I seem to remember a Matt Cooke getting away with intent to hurt players aka Marc Savard and those many knee on knee hits as well. Lemieux...maybe it's best if you keep your mouth shut and discipline Matt Cooke. Mario Lemieux crys about Islanders punishment.
  13. 2/13 GDT: Bruins 2 at Red Wings 4

    Ya...it will be interesting to see how they address the Pens/Isles brawl. I'm sure we'll hear about crybaby Crosby and his concussion and how he may not return this season boohoo. You know it's sad when Crybaby Crosby's concussion gets more attention than when it happened to Marc Savard and Matt Cooke getting a 4 gamer. The NHL acted way to late on this, and in my opinion has no credibility. I hope the Pens limp into the playoffs and get their ass bonced in the 1st round. The way the NHL handled Matt Cooke is a slap in the face....maybe Bettman should go back to the NBA (take Colin Campbell with you too) and bring in someone that will bring credibility to the "commissioner" position.
  14. Mike Fischer to the Preds

    That's all Nashville knows...country music. They're not like the original 6 teams where hockey has been around in their town 80+ years...
  15. 2/13 GDT: Bruins 2 at Red Wings 4

    If it wasn't for the fact that it's an original 6 match up between the Boston Bruins (the hub of hockey) and the Detroit Red WIngs (hockey town) I wouldn't be watching NBC. I can't stand Pierre McQuire...I wish Mike Milbury would check his ass right off the set.