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  2. Best hotel for wings games?

    Hey guys. This post is pretty late, but I wanted to take a few minutes to post a follow-up after our first trip to Detroit and the Joe. We ended up staying at the Westin Book Cadillac. Since we were celebrating our anniversary, I reserved a suite. I was quite pleased upon checking in when the front desk guy upgraded us to an executive suite (i think that's the name). the hotel and, specifically, the suite was amazing. absolutely incredible views, the staff was ridiculously friendly and the food was great. I will say that all the typical stereotypes I had heard about Detroit were shattered during our trip. Quite literally everyone we met and/or spoke to during our trip was very warm and welcoming (ok warm is probably a poor choice of words considering it was February). This was true of all walks of life...from the people who in the hoity toity hotels, restaurants, etc that were being paid to be nice to us all the way to the "regular joe" folks and even the homeless people we encountered. We were really impressed/touched by the sense of pride and the overall positive energy in the people of Detroit. Given the economy and overall situation in many parts of the state, that was very impressive. I will, however, say that we were afraid that the stereotypes were true early on. i kid you not, we decided (probably not the best idea) to take a quick walk down the block just outside the hotel. literally within 2 minutes of walking out the westin door, we had the pleasure of seeing a homeless gentleman stumble toward us on the sidewalk and then vomit on himself. mind you, this was at about 2:30 in the afternoon on a wednesday lol. luckily, things turned around quickly and that was the last such encounter we had hehe. had to share that though. we had great seats at the game...unfortunately we just happened to pick what would turn out to be their worst game of the year to that point (vs stars) and we had to wait until late in the 3rd in a game that was already out of hand to see the wings score. even with a bad game and a loss, it was an incredible experience. so much so that we're actually considering making a return trip if (knock on wood) the Wings make it into the next round of the playoffs. anyway...just wanted to say thanks again for the help picking a hotel and more importantly, salute the people of the D for being incredibly friendly during our visit. it was a *very* pleasant surprise!
  3. Best hotel for wings games?

    Hey guys. Thanks for all the feedback (both in this thread and in private messages). With your help, we've settled on the Westin. Really appreciate the hospitality/help and absolutely cannot wait to get to Hockeytown! Now, I just need to find a way to convince people I'm focusing on my work between now and then! Any other tips, suggestions, etc for a 30-something (ok..full disclosure, damn near 40) married couple in terms of things to do at the game....after the game...or just in general in the downtown area? we'll be there for about 2 1/2 days. Also, does the Joe Louis Arena wings shop sell Konstantinov jerseys by chance? I've always wanted one and it would make it perfect if i could actually buy it *in* detroit at the joe. a little hokey probably...but I still think that would be cool. =) Thanks again guys!
  4. Best hotel for wings games?

    Hi folks. =) Forum newbie but long-time wing nut here! My wife and I will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary this month and we have decided to do so by fulfilling a long-time dream of mine, seeing a Wings game at the Joe. We live in Dallas, so we thought it would be fun to make the trip out for the stars/wings game on the 24th. Anyway, we've been researching nice hotels and it seems like our choices boil down to the Westin Book Cadillac and the Marriott at the Ren Center. Do any of the locals have a strong opinion one way or another on which of those two hotels would be the best choice? We won't be renting a car (since we don't have a permit to carry a weapon in other states...i kid i kid.). =) Thanks in advance & can't even tell you how fired up we are to finally get to see a game at the Joe! edit: It looks like the Atheneum is a good option as well.