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  1. Jubilee

  2. Any fans in the Chicago area?

    // I move out to Schaumburg IL in less than a month and would love to know if there are any Wings bars/groups in the general area
  3. For Sale: Lidstrom jersey

    what size is it?
  4. Crosby's family trying to convice him to retire?

    If Andreas Lilja can come back from his (real) head injury Cindy can certaintly come back from this
  5. What penalty will dominate the playoffs

    definitely elbows - NHL cant survive without their poster boy Cindy so they're sure to be sore about it
  6. glad Z isn't seriously injured - hopefully the recovery process will be fast!

  7. Best Wings Pics

    Best pictures I've taken at games - including best moments
  8. Zetterberg says he will not play tomorrow

    day-to-day injuries are the most frustrating but most hopeful - with any luck we'll have him back on Sat! But only if he's fully ready, a more serious injury would just result in more serious injury - like what happened with Ozzy
  9. wondering when Ozzy will be back

  10. Red Wings Interested In Conklin?

    I'd like to see Conklin come back! And I agree that there is no reason to let someone go - Osgood hasn't reached retirement stage yet and Jimmy needs as much support as possible.
  11. Injury updates

    Good to hear Ozzy's back on the ice! It would be sweet to see him break some more records