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  1. 2014 Offseason League Signings and Trades

    Ok time to put in an offer sheet on Subban:)
  2. 2014 Offseason League Signings and Trades

    Epic fail on 97.1
  3. 2014 Offseason League Signings and Trades

    Hoping for Niskanan and Iginla
  4. 2014 Offseason League Signings and Trades

    How much money do we have? The contracts look pretty good so far!!
  5. My point is not targeting EVERY rfa. It's going after the best available person who can replace your best player. Salary cap or no salary cap players are getting paid the same now as they were prior to the salary cap. Check out the salaries leading up to right before the salary cap was put in place. It is very similar to the last 3 years. The rangers went nuts at 80 million and we had one year where we went nuts other than that it's about the same.
  6. He is the 4th best and getting paid like a top two. Again I'm not dissing the Tigers I just don't want the wings to play second fiddle to a team that hasn't won in 29 years. It isn't fair to Red Wing fans. I'm all for having two great teams but if your going to own both maybe you should approach them with same mindset. If not then maybe you shouldn't own two teams.
  7. They didn't make one offer to any restricted free agents. The flyers threw it out there because they were going for it. They lost Pronger and tried to get Weber but at least they tried. We lost Lidstrom and went after Suter... Really? Weber is the better of those two and we went after #2. I guess just remember the good old days.
  8. No I meant Cabrera...the only real significant player they have gotten through trade since 2007 is Brad Stuart and free agency was Hossa who took less money and he contacted them. I'm referring to going out and getting that big difference maker like a Shanahan prior to the salary cap. People forget that Lidstrom used to make 11 million a year with a team payroll of around 60 million. Now they don't want to pay anyone. Meanwhile they are throwing money at players on the tigers like they are models in brothel. I mean Sanchez is the 4th best pitcher on the Tigers WTF!?!? I understand that you don't want to be stupid when it comes to paying your players but as they say high risk can come with high reward.
  9. Think about it. In the past before the salary cap the wings were hitting 60 to 70 million on average for team payroll. Since the lockout we have been right at or near the cap, and then after Ilitch got Cabrera its all about the Tigers. He got a taste of success from the baseball side of things and it really seems like he has focused his attention towards baseball. I could be looking too far into it but it seems strange to me that one payroll goes up and the other seems to be slowly rolling backwards in terms of cap hit. It's 2013 and I realize there is a cap but we are not even in the top ten for payroll and not in the top 10 in wins. It could also be that Ilitch has always had even before the salary cap era a self imposed salary cap of around 60 million with the exception of 2002. I guess we will see if they go over 60 next year. Teams that used to be nowhere near the talent level as Detroit are now spending more than we are. It's rediculous the amount of money he is spending on the Tigers vs the Wings I am a Wings slappy but I truly believe they will not make the playoffs this year. A spade is a spade.
  10. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=638784
  11. What about if say the Preds trade their rights to Weber to a different team within the 7 days? The CBA is very confusing but I would imagine there has to be some sort of loophole like that.
  12. I wonder if the Preds match the offer and then cut off trade talks with the Flyers. Can you imagine if the preds then trade him to a rival of the Flyers? Does anyone happen to know if Weber can recieve more than 1 offer from other teams?
  13. An outside the box idea.

    I haven't been able to keep up with other teams prospects. I have a hard enough time keeping up with our prospects:) If we were to flip someone like Jarnkrok or Tatar for one of those guys I say do it. Filppula is a bit much for a prospect in my opinion. Maybe Nyquist for Gormley if either of the other two wouldn't work.
  14. An outside the box idea.

    I was just looking at some prospects on other teams for defensemen. Phoenix has two guys that have really good ratings. I have to admit I have never watched them play but if Holland is having difficulty landing a good Dman maybe we should try and trade for one these guys. If our D isn't going to be that great anyways maybe we could at least build for the future on the fly by trading some prospect forwards. http://www.hockeysfuture.com/teams/phoenix_coyotes/ Brandon Gormley David Rundblad Has anyone heard of these guys? I'm excited to see what Smith can do so I figured maybe we should try a youth movement.
  15. The Next Move

    I think you trade Franzen, Nyquist, and a 2nd round pick for Yandle. Phoenix is looking for forward depth because they have a good young Defensive core. They get a good young player in Nyquist, a proven 30 goal scorer in Franzen, and a pick to keep there salary low as well as keep a good young farm system. If I were them I would do it. It may be a lot to give up, but young Defensemen are hard to come by. Sign Semin Or Doan and let players like Brunner come in and see what they can do. These other trade routes could work but we already have a shift on our roster and I'm concerned we are messing with chemistry.