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  1. Being as big a Tootoo fan as I am and regardless of the reasons for him not getting nhl time here in the D. This quote from Holland makes you feel pretty good about the people in charge of our RW. After mentioning most likly Jordin will be bought out. Ive got to figure out a way to get Jordin Tootoo back to the National Hockey League, Holland said.
  2. Honestly hate the idea of the Hawks winning it all again. Some team I hate will win but please dont let it be the hawks
  3. Wow, that would be a miserable way to lose a game and series. Just a colossal meltdown by the Stars.
  4. gdt

    Defntly, he looked much fresher Thursday and i didnt expect to him to look as good as he did then.
  5. gdt

    Z looks slow today
  6. gdt

    Monster may have a long day
  7. GDT

    Lots of sadness in here today : Heres eddi o eating glass
  8. The question with Mule is this: Does he take us closer to being cup contender or farther away from it? No denying what a talent and times unstoppable force he can be. BUT the constant guessing of which mule is going to show up takes its toll from the top down. Wish he was always trying even if not successful. I think his anxiety issues + pressure have really done him in last few years.
  9. His skating through nuetral zone last night was great to see. Granted he is hi risk when doing that but once he understands the game more he will be a dangerous dude. You can see his confidence growing eaxh game. That Chara bs really calmed him down actually and will prove to be a seminal moment im his growth hopefully
  10. GDT

    Monster unfortunTely is ripe for 7 to 8 goals against. Worried about tmmrrws game with him in net. Bruins had they hit the net would of put game 4 away in the 2nd. One game at a time, if we get 60 mins of intensity think we can bring it back to the Jo for 6 Glutton for punishment just re-watched game 4 and damn did we play fantastic first 30 minutes.
  11. Im not happy till this happens: Tim "Dr. Hook" McCracken Ross "Mad Dog" Madison Clarence "Screaming Buffalo" Swamptown Andre "Poodle" Lussier Gilmore Tuttle Ogie Ogilthorpe
  12. GDT

    That King team was stacked....animals that could skate hit possesss and score! Actually loved that team.
  13. Toots should have been up all year! Defensive liabilty and not great skater who fuxking cares. Easily a 25-35 pt guy with mins each night. Why not use his assets as an an actual asset. Would it not be a good move to give Marxhand his own tactics back and maybe the ***** rat would actually fight. I know babs hates it but having he, lucic or chara off the ice 5 mins seems like a win. One thing always said about Toots off the ice..classiest guy youll ever come across.
  14. GDT

    Great teams force oppostiton to make mistakes and thats what Bos is doing to us. A hobbled Dats, Z, Alfie and a bunch of kids hitting puberty is a bad mix for success against bos in the PO. With that said, we have had chances to get to rask and havent. Learning experince for the Kids for what it takes. In 95 the Devils showed the Wings what it takes to win 16 games and not just 12.