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  1. 4th Annual Playoff Money On The Board!

    Don't have a large budget but here goes: Only if the Wings win the cup: $20 + $5 per sweep + $2 per shut out + $1 per goal from one these players (Brendan Smith, Tomas Jurco, Teemu Pulkkinen, Ryan Sproul).
  2. 2013 World Juniors

    True, Hamilton did not impress me much, but Rielly did so far. I thought Nugent-Hopkins and Scheifele are playing great, but haven't seen Huberdeau much. Strome also playing good in this tournament. Galchenyuk also playing a good tournament, and I also like Gibson in goal. I was hoping to see more from MacKinnon, but not much ice time for him.
  3. 2013 World Juniors

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="WorkingOvertime" data-cid="2337075" data-time="1356862509"><p> Anyone else up early for the USA v Canada game? Canada up 2-0 after the first.</p></blockquote> Yep...but then again, it is 11am over here
  4. Countdown to January 14th

    Uhm...if they would start late january with playing games, wouldn't that mean there needs to be another block of games cancelled? As of now all games till the 14th are cancelled, so with a one week training camp it would come to an actual deadline of around the 7th of January when a deal needs to be reached. If they go past this 7th of January the next cancellation would be announced around this date right? I am not sure if they will cancel another block of games or they will cancel the whole season that is. Please correct me if I am wrong...
  5. Countdown to January 14th

    Will this be enough for Fehr to accept?? "The NHL has made a new CBA proposal to the NHL Players' Association, an NHL player told TSN on Friday. The player, who requested anonymity, said the NHL made a new offer to the NHLPA on Thursday, one which moved on term limit for player contracts, salary variance and buyouts. According to TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger, the NHL adjusted its maximum contract length from five to six years (seven years if a team is re-signing its own player) and boosted the variance from five to 10 per cent. TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun adds that the new offer includes the 'Make Whole' provision that stays at $300 million and allows each team one compliance buyout prior to the 2013-14 season. The buyout would not count against the cap, but it would against the players' share. NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly would not confirm what the player said when reached by TSN. More to follow."
  6. [Retired] Official Lockout Thread

    Thank you for posting this article. It was very easy to understand and very insightfull. Seems the players are playing a very dangerous game with this 'disclaimer of interest'-voting! It either force the owners back to the table and come to a deal in the middle or... The owners don't bite and will await judge decision (which is a good chance it will favors the owners) and then they can really stick it to the players. It will then shift from the owners driving the car with the players in the passenger seat to the owners driving the car with the players tied up in the trunk.
  7. [Retired] Official Lockout Thread

    Will the league and the PA stubbornly let the season burn because of their refusal to meet in the middle on two key issues? I'm perplexed. Because: 1. The league wants a 10-year deal. The players want eight. This is the opposite of what it should be. If I'm a player, I want a 20-year deal. Hell yeah. Because the owners will just play another stupid lockout stunt, and take take take again. Bet the players wished the last CBA was 10 years… Fehr's reason for the shorter term? Because the future players in the league will be in a CBA that they didn't get to vote on. Garbage. This is just a Fehr power trip, trying to say 'black' because the owners said 'white'. Dumb. 2. The league wants to cap contracts at five years. The players want it capped at eight years. More backwards ideals. Granted, two dozen or so players would benefit from eight-year deals, thanks to injuries, etc. The Marc Savards and the Rick DiPietros of the future will thank Fehr for being stubborn here. But the Taylor Halls and the Ryan Nugent-Hopkins will say "s***, had I signed for five years, I'd have a new contract for Year 6 and with salaries rising like they have been, I'd be making $10 million that year. Instead, I'm in Year 6 of an eight-year deal and I'm stuck making $5 million." Other issues… 3. The league wants the gap in dollars between the top-salary year of a contract and the bottom-salary year of a contract to be 5% at the most. The PA wants this to be 75%. Okay, this is the first bit of stubbornness that actually makes sense for the players. Frankly, I think if they agreed to meet in the middle for points one and two (and again, they should actually meet the owners all the way - and then take it even further…they have it bass-ackwards), they can get this point to be closer to 20% 4. The NHLPA wants a cap on escrow. Another thing that makes sense, though from what I can gather this is a 'new' thing that they tossed into the discussion less than two weeks ago. I don't see why the league can't give this to them. So that's where we're at, folks. Is the season done? The NHLPA, if they vote to enact the disclaimer of interest, the two sides will have 20 days to get a deal done or the season is essentially toast. So if you want your hard date, it's January 6. Although, I'm not sure about "business days" or "any day". And with Christmas in there then perhaps 20 days becomes closer to 30. But regardless, I'm sure that exact, accurate detail is known by both sides. So they have their "drop dead" date. It will speed things along finally.
  8. [Retired] Official Lockout Thread

    I don't understand...Fehr said that they were really close to a deal a week ago. So why doesn't he just put the owners last proposal to a player's vote first??? Atleast then you know if it is worth going to the dissolving the union road and essentially killing the season. Of what I read a lot it seems that when the court thinks the 'disclaim of interest' is only used because of a negotiation tactic it will decide that a lockout is legal. Anyone know how long it will take a court to give a verdict?
  9. [Retired] Official Lockout Thread

    Yep I say screw the owners and screw the players, just like they screwed the fans. And meanwhile the Red Wings have finally a chance for a top 3 pick
  10. [Retired] Official Lockout Thread

    Ok, so let me see if I can understand...(please correct me if I am wrong): 1) The only issue is the contract length and % difference on the contract in order to prevent front-loading. Let's say player A is 34 years old and signs a new contract (I am not sure what age a 'star' player normally retires, but let's say at age 38). Owners proposal: Year 1: $8.0M Year 2: $7.6M Year 3: $7.2M Year 4: $6.8M Year 5: $6.5M Year 6: $6.2M Year 7: $5.9M Cap hit: $6.9M --> player got paid $29.6M while the cap hit was $27.6M. --> cap relieve of $2.0M Players proposal: Year 1: $8.0M Year 2: $8.0M Year 3: $8.0M Year 4: $8.0M Year 5: $2.0M Year 6: $2.0M Year 7: $2.0M Year 8: $2.0M Cap hit: $5.0M --> player got paid $32M while the cap hit was $20M --> cap relieve of $12.0M So only one of these proposals actually solves the front loaded contracts? 2) The players want to fight for the future players...ok fair, but why not propose a CBA length of 15-20 years? That means more security... You know that the owners will take another money grab when the new cba they put themselves/future players in the same situation in 8 years.
  11. [Retired] Official Lockout Thread

    So if I am correct, the deal was not finalized because of the 5-year (or 7-year in case of re-sign) limit on contracts? How many players actually have longer contracts then that? Maybe 2%??? Is this issue really so important for the PA that they are willing to lose the entire season for it? It seems the owners have no problem with that... And why did Fehr did not put the latest offer to vote to the players? Then you will really know if the players find these contract limits a real issue. I do not understand...
  12. [Retired] Official Lockout Thread

    Yes that is fair, because of that $1B there are costs of $989 leaving a profit of $11M of which 91% is going to her.
  13. [Retired] Official Lockout Thread

    Well...not entirely true. Most 'top' teams are in great debt. Most owners invest hundereds of millions in players, once an owner more team. The problem in European soccer is that the FIFA and UEFA do not have the balls to stand up to the teams with great debts.
  14. [Retired] Official Lockout Thread

    Decertification is certainly an option for the players to put pressure on the owners. However it is brings a huge risk with it...either the owners will cave and offer something better or they will fight in court, which means the season is gone. The question is...will the players want to go that road over $180M over the next 5 years? I also think that decertification opens the ability for the owners to bring in replacement players...although I am not sure of it. If that is good another discussion. Also wondering if someone who currently has a contract with the NHL (via the expired CBA) can sign a contract with the NHL as a 'replacement' player???
  15. [Retired] Official Lockout Thread

    I am optimistic the NHLPA will come with a linked proposal, something like this: Year 1: 57.0% Year 2: 55.1% Year 3: 53.1% Year 4: 52.0% Year 5: 51.2% Based on 5% revenue growth annually + keeping old contracts at 57% value.