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  1. we need a backup goalie for jimmy, always did. a reliable one. I like salei and would like him to return
  2. no birthday game this year, but the day before vs the flyers. definately going
  3. I love louuuuser as the guy from harry potter.
  4. isn't larsson gone? or a I thinking someone else
  5. I would like to see a backup goalie brought in. maybe a forward too. modano,ozzie and drapes retire. I wanna see drapes work somewhere in the organization,he will always be my fvavorite wing. nik one more year. homer and hudler gone. I would like to see salei back,but not many people would agree there. the rest I would keep. staff and players.
  6. I can't cheer for anyone. hockey is done for the season.. GO TIGERS!
  7. sharks win 4-1 bolts win 4-1 can't bold on my phone,so I did it this way scf: bolts win over san jose in 6
  8. PS

    there should be an offseason photoshop
  9. good luck to the sharks next round. can't really stand the canucks. so hope they crush them.
  10. like I said all along, wings in 7
  11. PS

    I love pavel and I love his face in this.
  12. PS

    nice. you are pretty good at this
  13. PS

    my attempt with gimp. i tagged couture on twitter, pretty sure he saw it.
  14. Van/Nas 4-3 SJS/Det 4-2 TBL/Was 4-2 Phi/Bos 4-3 West conference-Det East conference- Phi Stanley-Det