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  1. Happy to see Jimmy back in net. Think the Wings jump all over the Coyotes, 6 - 1.
  2. Datsyuk - Yzerman - Fedorov Lidstrom - Weber Jimmy Yeah, I would be happy with that.
  3. Datsyuk, he is the Wings most clutch player and showed it in the playoffs. But I agree with whoever said Holland would be fired first for offering Hudler the huge contract.
  4. Fantastic, just heard Mikel Leshoure is out for the season. What is with the Lions picking up all these players who are so injury prone. Just hope Fairley isn't gone too long.
  5. Thanks for a great career Kris. Another of the Old Wings is lost, all that remains is Lidstrom and Holmstrom. Still miss the old Grind Line.
  6. I voted no as much as I have loved watching Ozzie play over the years. If he does end up getting in, like someone else said it will probably be a slow year in terms of quality trying to get into the HHOF.
  7. 1) Who is your favorite Detroit Red Wing player overall to wear the Red Wings Logo? Yzerman of course 2) Who was your favorite Detroit Red Wing player that joined the red wings? (Non drafted by Wings, could be threw Trade / FA / Waiver etc...) Shanny 3) Which current player would you dream of them joining the Wings? Forward - Stamkos, Defense - Weber 4) Which are the players that really "hurt / bugged" you when they left the Red Wings to join another team? Fedorov 5) Is there a player that you never wanted him on the team ... but eventually joined the team? Hudler, should have stayed in Russia.
  8. Maybe he means Fedor Fedorov?
  9. Wow. Good goal but...30 points in 4 games and a 26-2 win? Division III must be the joke championship or just Greece is a joke team, I don't know.
  10. Ok signing, won't exactly fill in Raffi's 40+ points unless he starts playing out of his mind when he comes here. But I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.
  11. Been busy moving back to Michigan so I didn't see this until I was watching Sportscenter today, guess that Jagr to Flyers joke twitter thread became true. Pretty funny that he really did sign to the Flyers. Edit: Went over to and it is hilarious. Earlier thread talking about how they love Jagr and want him back then the next later thread is about how he is euro trash and didn't want him. Funny stuff.
  12. Ugh, way to go. Well guess we are waiting until the trading block or next year to be a Cup Contender.
  13. Ok, bringing this back up. CAPGEEK.COM CAP CALCULATOR FORWARDS Valtteri Filppula ($3.000m) / Pavel Datsyuk ($6.700m) / Johan Franzen ($3.954m) Radim Vrbata ($3.500m) / Henrik Zetterberg ($6.083m) / Daniel Cleary ($2.800m) Tomas Fleischmann ($3.000m) / Darren Helm ($0.912m) / Patrick Eaves ($0.750m) Todd Bertuzzi ($1.937m) / Justin Abdelkader ($0.787m) / Tomas Holmstrom ($1.875m) Jan Mursak ($0.550m) / Drew Miller ($0.650m) DEFENSEMEN Niklas Kronwall ($3.000m) / Christian Ehrhoff ($5.000m) James Wisniewski ($5.000m) / Nicklas Lidstrom ($6.200m) Brad Stuart ($3.750m) / Jakub Kindl ($0.883m) Brendan Smith ($0.875m) GOALTENDERS Jimmy Howard ($2.250m) / Evgeni Nabokov ($0.570m) CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter) (these totals are compiled without the bonus cushion) SALARY CAP: $64,300,000; CAP PAYROLL: $64,028,711; BONUSES: $0 CAP SPACE (23-man roster): $271,289
  14. Lol, good job Panthers. Kind of felt bad for a minute or two for Kopecky that he is going from a decent team in Chicago to an awful team in Florida but then I just had to laugh about it.