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  1. i hope we dont panic if suter and parise signs elsewhere

    This is ken hollands proving ground we are not the same team that we have always been it's that time where we have to start blending in with the rest of the league and offer these top free agents what the contenders are going to toss at them. Honestly all we have to offer is our winning tradition and our teams love for the sport, but as a huge wings fan after growing up and watching them at the top year after year we are slowly running out of Stanley cup contending talent and that's why this off season means more then it ever has in the past. First of all we have a huge gap to fill with Lidstrom calling it a career but we still need that top 6 forward that davs will turn into an all star. Our biggest worry is giving Suter what he wants to put him in our line up and hope that's what draws Parise out of jersey and play next to #13. With the money that we have to offer I feel like if holland dosnt get it done this offseason and holds back from spending big money in either free agency or a huge trade us wings fans will tear him to pieces and won't be satisfied until Stevie Y takes his place. If it wasn't for the money that we have to offer 90% of us would be s***ting our pants about the seasons to come. The free agency is less then 24 hours away and thats what we have all been waiting for since the end of the season soci guess the next couple of days will tell us a lot more and guarantee we will have some top post in this forum either good or bad
  2. Question on Lidstrom's banner raising date

    I am 22 years old and have been a die hard wings fan my while life (enough where the only tattoo that I have is a wings tat) and Nick Lidstrom has always been my favorite player. The main question in my mind since the schedule has been released is does anybody know when the banner raising game is suppose to take place for Lidstroms retirement (because we all know it will happen)? Even tho ticket are not on sale yet I would like to know cuase it would irritate me for a long time if I missed out on the opportunity to be at this game. Any help on this would be appreciated.
  3. LGW Contest!

    I'm going 40 to represent our next leader of the team
  4. 3/6 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Flyers 3

    Due to all the injuries I may have to go down to the bar and get a little buzzed up to watch this one
  5. Yzerman for another gold medal

    Who knows maybe Jimmy will be in net for team USA
  6. Jimmy Howard

    By the numbers Howard is one of the top tenders in the league but can he keep the numbers he has if he dosnt rest? Everyone has there opinions on what we need to win the cup, I feel that it will be tough for us if we don't get a #2 goalie that can win us some games. Can Howard have enough left in the tank to take us deep into the playoffs with the amount of games that he plays?